Surprising Health Benefits of Red Rooibos Tea

Surprisingly Health Benefits of Red Rooibos Tea is abundant due to the nutrients packed inside it. Originated from South Africa Rooibos Tea is also known by its lovers as Red Tea. According to the Rooibos Council of South Africa, this tea is fermented out from the herb called ‘Aspalathus Linearis’ abundantly found in South Africa. Red Rooibos Tea, according to US Agriculture Department, if taken regularly can prove to be useful as a cure of skin diseases like eczema, itchiness and wrinkles, hypertension, any stomach problem, headaches, bone diseases like osteoporosis,  immune system, and asthma while it has also proved effective in some cancer cases. With a very low level of caffeine content and tannins which give it a red color, Red Rooibos Tea carries much fewer side effects.  

Following is the detailed account of some of the Surprising Health Benefits of Red Rooibos Tea which probably never heard before:

Health Benefits of Red Rooibos Tea

Red Rooibos Tea carries enough health benefits to make it dearest for its lovers since it can be utilized as a natural remedy for the cure of many diseases at a very low cost and with lesser side effects.

1-  Healthy Skeleton

Red Rooibos Tea for Healthy Bones

Red Rooibos Tea is packed with some bone-friendly minerals like Vitamin C, calcium, potassium, zinc, copper, manganese, fluoride proving the fact that rooibos tea for healthy bones an important building block. With the presence of these minerals, there is a lesser risk of developing bone diseases like oestoporosis, joint pains. The presence of Vitamin C in rooibos tea helps blood to absorb calcium from the food we take in while manganese acts as a catalyst for the enzymes aiding to develop and repair bones. Fluoride is an important mineral required to maintain a healthy coating around the teeth’ surface. This coating helps teeth from the damages caused by cold or hot food we take and decay caused by plaque, because of which almost all teeth items are stuffed with fluoride.

2-  Low Caffeine

Caffeine in some drinks can prove to be troublesome in some cases. Caffeine increases heartbeat, which causes an increase in blood flow. This affects the nervous system which in turn results in the form of muscle stiffness and sleepless nights. Coffee is rich in caffeine and is widely used by people who have hectic job descriptions. It has been found that even if you have stopped taking it, its side effects take a while to cure.

Red Rooibos Tea is completely caffeine-free naturally. It can prove to be an excellent source of relaxation and an energetic alternative for people who prefer no-caffeine drinks. Red Rooibos Tea helps to control stress hormones called cortisols which in turn helps to restore natural sleeping habits. It is because of this health benefit it is recommended by home physicians to relieve stress, insomnia, mood, stressful heart.

3-  Controls Blood Pressure

Red Rooibos Tea for Lower Blood Pressure

The latest research conducted by Linkoping University, Sweden Red Rooibos Tea is highly efficient in bringing down high blood pressures. ACE activity in the blood vessels makes certain enzymes force walls of the vessels to contract. This leaves very little space for blood to pass through. This effect creates an extra burden on the heart. Red Rooibos Tea is well known for its ability to relieve high blood pressure. This makes the heart, and vascular system healthy and long-lasting. Controlling high blood pressure by red rooibos tea needs laboratory tests confirmation. It is thought that an antioxidant called Quercetin, is responsible for controlling various heart diseases like strokes, heart attacks, etc. This antioxidant is responsible for promoting HDLs and stops LDLs from sticking to the walls of the vessels.

4-  Healthy Skin

Red Rooibos Tea is packed with skin-friendly nutrients and antioxidants which keep skin healthy, glowing, and wrinkle-free. There is no clear evidence as to how rooibos tea manages to cure skin disorders. The high flavonoids content of Red Rooibos Tea is helpful in curing various skin disorders like eczema and acne. It is confirmed that when rooibos tea is added to the daily diet and applied externally to their skin, it showed dramatic improvement in skin health. An enzyme called superoxide dismutase present in rooibos tea is responsible for the production of fresh skin cells. This enzyme also helps to destroy the free radicals responsible for wrinkles appearing on the skin.

5-  Controls Weight

Red Rooibos Tea can help to lose some extra pounds from your belly, this claim is supported by a little laboratory evidence though and further studies are still underway to derive compounds from red rooibos tea and revolutionize the cosmetic industry. US laboratory experiments conducted showed signs that flavonoids present in red tea are effective in bringing extra body weight down. These flavonoids force body metabolism to burn extra fats faster.

An antioxidant called ‘phytochemical’ present in red rooibos tea is thought to possess the same qualities as flavonoids and they too are helpful in controlling belly fats. Another reason for being rooibos tea weight controlling tea is that it is low in sugar content accompanied by sweet taste which makes allow its drinker to use less sugar in it. Another antioxidant present in red rooibos tea called ‘aspalathin‘ helps to control sugar by improving insulin count in the blood flow, accompanied by an increase in glucose absorption by the body parts which helps to control Diabetes 2 condition.

6-  Rooibos Tea For Healthy Hair

Red Rooibos Tea in some parts of the world is used by people to dye grey hair. Another research done by French scientists proved that hair-growing lotions containing Red Rooibos Tea as an active ingredient increased hair growth without any allergies caused to the scalp surface. Red Rooibos Tea is loaded with calcium, copper, zinc, potassium which actively promote hair health. An antioxidant present in Red Rooibos Tea helps to maintain soft, bulky hair along with the protection against suntan. Red Rooibos Tea rinse keeps hair scalp dandruff free. Its usage also controls the production of dihydrotestosterone which increases hair loss in certain conditions.

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