Surprising Health Benefits of Olive Oil

Pure Olive Oil is considered to be a major source of energy and complete food in every aspect for centuries. Due to commercialization and industrialization, food items have lost their purity and profit-ism has forced them to adulterate this useful product reducing their health benefits. Due to its productivity, olive oil has been thoroughly researched and has been added to our diet for health and beauty. Olive Oil helps to reduce cholesterol levels, heart diseases, weight control, etc. You can add it to your diet in a number of ways, either cook your food into it or make a salad with olive oil topping over it.

Read on to discover the top five health benefits of olive oil that you probably didn’t already know.

1- Controls Weight:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil helps to control weight. Eating it in your diet will make you feel fuller, thus keeping one to eat less and hence controlling extra weight. Fatty acids and monosaturated fats present in olive oil make it very difficult for cumulative fats to gain extra mass in the human body. Zero calories present in olive oils make it the most suitable lubricant for weight-conscious people, adding it to their diet. 

2- Olive Oil for Skin:

Olive oil makes it quite easier for men to make it an important ingredient of their everyday diet plan. Olive oil, due to its antioxidants like Vitamin E and chlorophyll makes it a number one natural cleanser. Linoleic acid present in olive oil keeps water from evaporating, thus keeping healthy and wrinkle-free skin and some forms of cancer like skin cancer. It is equally getting enough popularity among men.

3- Healthy Hair:

Olive oil greatly helps to keep hair healthy by moisturizing the dry scalp under the layer of thick hair. Not only that it also helps to keep split ends intact. It also improves the formation of new hair, thus improving hair density. Vitamin A, E, and antioxidants present in olive oil helps to block moisture in the hair giving it a much shiny and healthier look.

4- Healthy Heart:

Numerous studies have claimed that olive oil contains useful fats which greatly help to reduce harmful fats and thus in turn keeps our heart healthy and fit for pumping. If one’s heart is healthy and pumping blood with full force, it will improve sex life and aids in the physical development of a child in the mother’s womb. When consumed regularly, it helps to lower blood pressures and thus bringing oxidation of LDL to the lowest possible levels keeping the heart-healthy.

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