Pu-erh Tea History, Brewing, Health Benefits and Nutritional Value

Chinese believe that the Health Benefits of Pu-erh Tea are numerable and more than any other tea known. This is because of the fact that Pu-erh tea is prepared to ferment for long periods, in some cases 100s of years to get a special taste and aroma which makes it perfect and distinguishable from other teas. This tea has the ability to cleanse the whole respiratory system, ignites a true flare in the digestive system. It drops blood cholesterol levels, increases blood circulation by clearing the vessels, and increased heart ability by less energy spent.

Following is a detailed account of the Health Benefits of drinking Pu-erh Tea:

1-  Healthy Heart

Pu-erh for Heart

Studies are being conducted to discover a link between Pu-erh tea and a healthy heart. Chinese who were the discoverers of Pu-erh tea claim that it is a tonic for many heart problems. It claimed that Pu-erh dissolves bad cholesterols in the blood vessels. This increases the flow of blood to all the other parts of the body. Pu-erh tea could possibly reduce diseases caused due to piling up of fats in the blood vessels like fungus. According to some studies, Pu-erh tea leaves were found effective in decreasing levels of ‘LDLs’ while they cause a rapid increase in ‘HDLs’. These LDL cholesterols could severely damage heart functions and systems connected with them. Though these studies are not yet performed on humans.

2-  Prevent Diabetes

Pu-erh Tea for Diabetes

Some studies claim that animals, fed on Pu-erh tea extracts showed signs of diabetes resistance and also a reduction in sugar levels. Some other claims stated that taking the right sips of Pu-erh tea can be helpful in controlling and preventing diabetes. Another study conducted over two groups of rats proved its superiority over a widely used diabetic drug called Rosiglitazone. Results showed that rats fed over this artificial drug showed 36.5 percent lesser signs of blood sugar level while rats fed over Pu-erh tea showed 42 percent lesser sugar level. It is believed that almost all teas have effects on diabetes but Pu-erh tea is the most effective one.

3-  Prevents Cancer

Pu-erh Tea for Cancer

Pu-erh tea has long been thought to have an increased effect on cancerous cells and In some recent laboratory tests, this concept was proved that Pu-erh tea has anti-cancer effects over colon cancer cells. In these studies, two teas, Pu-erh, and green tea were used in fermented and nonfermented forms and after the tests, it proved that fermented Pu-erh tea had more anti-cancer abilities than other teas. Other studies have shown that ‘p53′ known as cancer removing protein which when malfunctioning will not be able to continue its cancer opposing activities, Pu-erh tea was found to regulate the activity performed by p53. This ability to down-regulating p53 is an effective way to control cancer from affecting other cells.

5-  Healthy Digestive System

Pu-erh Tea for Digestive System

In China Pu-erh tea is used mostly after eating heavy meals which are full of carbohydrates and fats. Fermented Pu-erh tea is thought to have much more medicinal benefits than nonfermented. If it is rightly brewed and sipped in proper quantities then it has far more benefits related to digestion than any other drug aiding the digestive system. In traditional Chinese society, Pu-erh tea is taken twenty minutes after a meal and it does not add to the irritation in the stomach rather it helps to gear up the process by increasing the release of enzymes like gastric juice which aids in digestion. Pu-erh tea has the ability to deal with almost all digestive system ailments including heartburn, constipation, stomach cancer, etc.

6-  Healthy Breathing

Pu-erh tea has a cleansing effect on the lungs and throat. It clears all the leftovers accumulated while smoking like tar and carbons. So smokers there is good news it’s better to leave smoking or smoke while a cup of Pu-erh tea on the other hand for cleansing all you smoke bringing an end to the coughs. It not only heals the lungs damaged by the environment but also increases the ability of the healthy lungs to perform better by increasing stamina.

Nutritional Value of Pu-erh Tea

Serving Size of 100 g

Calories          50 mg

Calories from Fat          0

Total Fat          0%

Sodium          5mg

Carbohydrates          10g          3%

Sugars          9g

Protein          0g

Vitamin A          4%

Vitamin C          12%

Calcium          2%

Iron          4%

History of Pu-erh Tea

Production of different types of teas has been long done by the Chinese, in fact, it was the Chinese who invented it and later introduced it to the outer world. The existence of Pu-erh tea in Yunnan province was discovered accidentally 1700 years ago and since then it has been cultivated commercially. Pu-erh Tea is produced from the leaves of the Camelia Sinensis but has larger leaves. Pu-erh Tea is also known as ‘puer’, ‘PO lei’, gets it to name from its birthplace Pu-erh district in Yunnan province where this tea is produced in the whole province.
In the initial years Pu-erh tea was left for fermentation for longer periods of time, in some cases for atleast decades and centuries which gave it a stronger taste and aroma but after the 50s newer techniques of fermenting were discovered called the artificial ripening method which reduced its production period to a few months or almost years. Depending upon the types of fermenting techniques, there are two types of Pu-erh tea.

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