Palak or Spinach Juice is Healthier Than You Thought

Some people thought that it to be a minor food but Palak or Spinach Juice is Healthier Than You Thought. It is beneficial for people of all ages. Spinach Juice has a little mild taste but it is mixed with lemon juice to enhance its taste. This green, leafy vegetable juice packed with the nutritional value of minerals, vitamins, fibers, and other beneficial factors makes it a perfect food for the sick as well as a healthy body. Spinach juice is packed with Vitamin A, B2, B6, C, E, K. Besides all these vitamins spinach juice is also loaded with iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium. Spinach juice is beneficial for almost all body parts including eyes, hair, heart, stomach, brain, etc.  Spinach juice has a higher ratio of the mineral content present as compared to other green vegetables.

Read Health Benefits of Spinach Juice listed below and be amazed that Palak or Spinach Juice is Healthier Than you Thought:

Health Benefits of Spinach Juice

1-  Healthy Digestive System

Spinach Juice for Digestive System

An estimated amount of dietary fiber required by a male human body is around 36 gms, 25 gms for healthy women, and around 30 gms for pregnant, breastfeeding women. If an average-sized glass of spinach juice is added daily in a diet then it meets around 2.6 gms of dietary fiber. Fiber is required to keep the digestive system working properly. Whatever is consumed daily can be easily pushed out of the body. Spinach juice actually gives mass to the waste materials. According to a Colorado University study, Americans do not take sufficient fiber daily to keep their digestive systems healthy. Spinach Juice is also a source of oxalic acid which aids in the protection and healing of the long intestine.

2-  Controls Body Weight

Spinach Juice Controls Body Weight

Spinach juice is very useful for people who want to control their belly fats. It is loaded with dietary fibers which gives a fuller effect and makes one take a lesser amount of food. This reduces the urge to eat more. It not only keeps one from eating more but also clears acidic materials sticking to the walls of the digestive tract. Thus cleansing any bacterias causing constipation, ulcers, cancers, etc. Studies have confirmed that a single cup of spinach juice contains 28 gms of calories along with only 1 gm of fats. It provides extra energy to the body without increasing big bellies. Spinach is a good source of proteins that can admass to the body. People who are skinny and gym-loving can take a glass of spinach daily to get 3.5 gms of protein.

3-  Healthy Skin

Spinach Juice For Healthy Skin

Spinach juice is rich in antioxidants which greatly help to remove free radicals. These free radicals cause increased effects of aging and keeping skin healthy and tight. As old age approaches skin loses its original tone and freshness, increased wrinkles and white or black spots, blackheads, etc. To give your skin an everlasting glow, and health, drinking spinach juice is the best option. This treatment is better than applying chemical-based beauty products which just hide the aging effect.

Vitamin B present in spinach juice helps to ad firmness in the skin and also removes any skin cancer cells. It also gives an increased layer of protection against the damage caused by suntan. If acne or other bad skin effects are showing then try the power of spinach juice. Vitamin K and Folate present in spinach juice keeps skin clear, dryness and itchiness, dark circles.

4-  Healthy Hair

Spinach Juice for Hair

Spinach juice is a source of health-benefiting ingredients which are good for hair health as well as new hair growth. Hair is considered to be an important part of one’s facial beauty and without healthy hair, early signs of aging appear. Vitamin B complex present in spinach juice not only stops early hair loss but if accompanied by a proper diet plan and spinach juice taken, lustrous, bouncy, and dark hair can be easily achieved. Some people apply it directly to the scalp but it is better to get health inside out rather than simply outside. Besides vitamins, spinach juice is also a source of iron which helps in the production of blood required to keep hair healthy.

5-  For Healthy Bones

The bone structure serves as a building material for any living organism, and calcium is the main component of building this structure. According to a study conducted by Linus Pauling Institute of Oregon State University, 1000 mg of calcium is required daily by a healthy human being. The absence of an abundant amount of calcium leads to a hollow or soft bone disease called osteoporosis.

Calcium not only helps to keep bones healthy but also aids to keep teeth healthy. It also helps muscles and vessels to keep their elasticity while performing their functions. Calcium also helps the nervous system to perform its neural functions, to transmit messages from sender to receiver. Another important nutrient is Vitamin K which is required by the body to absorb calcium intake. Now both these nutrients are abundantly present in spinach juice. Around 12 % of our daily body calcium needs can be met by a regular glass of spinach juice. Spinach juice might also be used as an alternate source of calcium if you are a dairy product allergic. Read Health Benefits of Honey for Bones.

6-  Eye Problems

Spinach Juice for Eyesight

Eyes ad-light to our world and without them there is no spice in life. As we age all parts of our body develop diseases that further deteriorate the situation and the process of withering speeds up. Macular Degeneration is the one age-related eye disease that in old age leads to blindness. Now spinach juice is highly beneficial in the fight against eye-related diseases. Spinach juice is rich in lutein which helps to protect eyes against blindness caused by macular degeneration.

In a study conducted at Harvard University, it was concluded that food rich in lutein decreased the risk of MD up to 43 percent. Spinach Juice is also a source of Vitamin A and C which help eyes to see in the night and to differentiate between colors. Nutritional Value of Spinach JuiceAccording to the recommendation by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, a grown man and woman need to take at least 3 cups of vegetables which in some cases is quite difficult to take so much amount of vegetables all at once and one can get quite bored of eating raw veggies. The idea of juicing is quite suitable for this situation since it meets all the necessary minerals requirements but also during juicing no fiber content of spinach is lost making spinach juice a perfect source of energy.

Since you have known that Palak or Spinach Juice is Healthier Than You Thought, it is due to the following Nutritional Value of Spinach Juice.

Nutritional Value of Spinach Juice:

Following is a detailed account of all the nutritional content in Spinach Juice:

  • Spinach juice is a rich source of iron which is used for the production of red blood cells. Iron is also beneficial for pregnant women since it helps to combat blood deficiency and It also helps to maintain fetus health. Iron rich spinach juice helps to combat anaemia by producing fresh blood.
  • Spinach Juice is also a source of cholorophyll which helps RBC for the absorption of oxygen and RBC gets their red colour due to the cholorophyll.
  • Spinach is rich in Vitamin B complex which is greatly helpful for the maintenance of healthy and fluffy hair besides it also helps to produce fresh hair. Instead of using artificial chemical based shampoos, its better to drink spinach juice regularly. Around one fourth of our daily body requirement can be met by using spinach juice.
  • Spinach Juice is rich in antioxidants which are greatly beneficial for healthy and wrinkle free glowing skin.
  • Spinach Juice is rich in Vitamin K making around eleven times of our DV requirement. Vitamin K is responsible to maintain healthy bones and bone diseases like oestoporosis.
  • High fibre content present in spinach helps to keep digestive system on track. A healthy stomach keeps body free of cancers in digestive tract.

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