Oolong Tea Health Benefits Nutritional Value

Oolong Tea Health Benefits, Nutritional Value of oolong tea are immense. Leaves of Oolong Tea are partially oxidized since they are plucked just before the tea leaves start changing their color. Oolong Tea is half black and half green tea since the withering and curling process is done under the open air and is stopped as soon as slight color changing occurs. Because of this reason, the Oolong Tea Health Benefits, Oolong Tea nutritional value is a combination of both black and green teas. This oxidization process helps to distinguish Oolong Tea into different categories each carrying different aromas, flavors, and colors coming from different regions but the most famous is the one from Fujian, China. Health Benefits of different types of Oolong Teas may include healthy skin, strong bones, weight control, anti-diabetic, and anti-depressant.

Health Benefits of Oolong Tea and Nutritional Value is listed below:

1-   Vibrant Skin

Oolong Tea for Vibrant Skin

Numerous chemical-based beauty products are available in the market. Their main purpose is to hide any deficiency rather than completely remove it. According to scientific research drinking, oolong tea will give positive results in less than a week. Scientific research claimed that taking 3 cups of oolong tea had a great effect on skin allergies called eczema. Oolong Tea has an antioxidant property that reacts with free radicals causing the skin to age and slowing down the aging process rapidly.

2-  Strong Bones

Oolong Tea for Strong Bones

Strong bones are the building blocks of any living organism. Now Oolong tea carries an adequate amount of magnesium and calcium, and thus not only does it help to absorb bone-friendly minerals from the food but also supplies bone food itself which is quite helpful to keep ‘osteoporosis away. Osteoporosis is a bone disability due to which bone loses its density. Oolong Tea also helps to protect teeth from decay and build-up plaque. It’s a bacteria that accumulates in our mouth causing slow but severe damage to the strength of the teeth. Anti-oxidants present in Oolong Tea tend to stop the bacteria causing damage to the teeth. Oolong Tea extract is considered to be the most effective one as far as all the teas are concerned.

3-  Anti-Diabetic

Oolong Tea for Diabetes

In recent studies, it has been proved that oolong tea could be effective to stop diabetes from spreading. A study conducted in the United States agriculture department concluded that type 2 patients showed 15 to 20 percent signs of improvement when they added at least 4 – 6 cups of tea to their diet. Another study concluded that diabetic patients who took oolong tea along with their regular medication showed signs of lower sugar levels. Chemicals called polyphenols present in oolong tea could be responsible for lowering blood sugar levels.

4-  Prevents Cancer

Oolong Tea for Cancer

Studies were conducted in China to determine the effects of oolong tea on subjects suffering from ovarian cancer. Data was collected on the basis of family history, lifestyle, environment. Surprisingly as the amount of oolong tea increased, the risk of cancer declined which concluded that Oolong Tea can play a vital role to eradicate cancer from the root. A large-scale study conducted over Swedish women concluded that women who drank around 1 – 3 cups of Oolong tea daily showed around 24 % – 46 % lesser signs of Ovarian Cancer. Laboratory studies claim that Oolong Tea carries antioxidants that have the tendency to repair damaged DNA of the cells causing cancer. Some studies confirmed that Oolong Tea extracts help to treat Stomach Cancer.

5-  Weight Control

Oolong Tea For Weight Loss

Oolong tea burns fat faster than any other tea. Chinese people have the tradition of drinking oolong or any other tea just after having their meal. It not only helps to digest but also burns stored fats at a much faster rate leaving reduced fats in the body.

Laboratory tests confirm Oolong tea has a lesser complex polyphenol molecule that oxidizes fat residuals which not only helps to increase body efficiency but also keeps the heart healthy. Now since it mobilizes enzymes to break down fat molecules faster, the stomach gets a soothing effect. Oolong Tea when consumed slightly hot, cleanses the whole digestive system and both this behavior have soothing effects on the heart.

6-  Healthy Hair

Oolong Tea for Healthy Hair

Oolong Tea carries many beneficial ingredients which not only stop hair loss but also keep dandruff-free scalp, shiny, bouncy hair with a fuller effect. It is highly beneficial for the itchy and patchy scalp. This process also helps to wash away all dead skin cells reactivating dormant follicles producing fresh hair. Oolong Tea can also normalize the production of natural oil production in the scalp. This oil keeps the scalp surface from getting dry thus preventing dandruff and hair loss. It also keeps hair protected from the damages caused by UV light exposure while out in the sun. Regular rinsing of the hair using Oolong Tea keeps hair clean and open for fresh air. Check out Sesame Seed Oil Benefits for Hair.

Nutritional Value of Oolong Tea

Oolong Tea contains a long list of beneficial nutrients stuffed inside tiny leaves. It contains nutrients like potassium for strong bones and an active, healthy brain. Calcium for bones and healthy lustrous hair. Vitamin A, B, C, E, and K for many body functions. A little bit of caffeine, lesser than coffee, makes it more effective than any other drug used for active brain function. Following are the nutritional value of oolong tea:

Potassium           13mg

Calcium            2 mg

Phosphorus           1mg

Manganese            0.24 mg

Magnesium           1mg

Biotin           0.2 μg

Niacin            0.1 μg

Folate            2 μg

Vitamin B2            0.03mg

Sodium           1mg

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