Health Benefits of Water

There is a long list of Health Benefits of Water. Scientists believe that water being an important element of the universe covers two-third of the total surface area of the earth. Set aside scientists, have you ever wondered why water is so important for all living creatures? Why God has made it a basic ingredient of the recipe of everything in this universe? If you haven’t then let us start wondering together.

Water Essential For Life

  • Water is a major ingredient of human body, approximately 70% of human body is made up of water.
  • Brain is made up of 70-85% of water.So you can well understand the importance of water for brain functions.
  • Water is an important ingredient  of our skin and it not only nourishes skin but also helps to keep human body in good shape.
  • Every organism we know needs water to survive, in fact, without water life on Earth would have never begun.
  • Water plays a vital role in agriculture, factories and factories around the globe to produce products important for human civilization.
  • Naturally water exists in all the three forms of matter i.e. solid, liquid and gas. The whole earth’s ecosystem revolves around these states.

Some doctors and nutritionists claim that eight glasses of water is essential, but it is not the final quantity. The amount of water required to keep one hydrated varies from activity to activity. While sleeping, all organs are consuming less water but when doing a tough job then the body needs more water. The body’s water level can also be measured by the color of urine, the more yellow color urine has the more water the body needs.

Here is a list of Health Benefits of Water:

Benefits of Drinking Healthy Amount of Water

1-Water Benefits for Brain:

Water for Brain Health

Brain is composed of 70-85% of water so most of its functions are associated with a proper supply of water. Water is a source of electricity for the brain to perform its neuro functions. The brain is unable to store water, so if the water supply is adequate, the brain will be more creative, think faster, and focused. The brain short in the water supply may suffer memory loss. Water helps to transport nutrients and oxygen to the brain and remove toxic materials from the blood. If there is a shortage of water in human blood the brain will face an inability to process information. People suffering from headaches and migraines should drink plenty of water because the main cause of these problems is the lack of adequate water.

2- Water Benefits for Skin:

Water Benefits for Skin

Doctors around the globe believe that skin is an organ and water is very necessary to perform its functions properly. Water helps to maintain the elasticity of the skin, thus enabling the skin not to age earlier. When adequate water is supplied to the skin it will not have age wrinkles and will remain young and fresh for a longer period of time without any signs of aging. When there is plenty of water in the body and all the toxic material is washed out then the skin does not suffer from acne, signs of aging, pale look, and remains soft.

3- Water Benefits for Hair:

Water Benefits for Hair

Hair is made up of 5% water and 95% protein. That makes water a second essential ingredient to have shiny, bouncy, and healthy long hair. If one is facing a hair loss problem then the best cure is to increase water intake whether feeling thirsty or not. Some people give priority to taking multi-vitamins for their hair-related targets but it’s better to take natural mineral source water.

All the hair comes directly from roots inside the skin, so if the skin is properly hydrated then the main cause of hair damage is eliminated. Water distribution in the human body is controlled by the brain which decides how much water all organs should get in shortage and adequate supply. The brain itself receives more water than any other organ of the body. During shortage, the immediate step it takes is to decrease or completely stop the water supply to the outer skin layer. Thus resulting in dry skin and scalp which leads to dry hair.

4- Water Benefits for Kidneys:

Water Benefits for Kidneys

Our blood has a lot of minerals and vitamins and salts to transfer from one organ to another. Blood also takes excess minerals, salts, and vitamins to the kidneys to be drained out of the body through urination. If the body has not enough water, then these salts will remain in the kidneys for a longer period of time. These will eventually become kidney stones and continuous less supply of water will lead to bigger kidney stones. Thus an adequate amount of water is very necessary for the body to clean its inner atmosphere from harmful toxins.

5- Water Benefits for Stomach:

Water Benefits for Stomach

A healthy body has a healthy stomach because whatever we eat is utilized and absorbed by the stomach. Foods we eat are broken down into smaller particles for absorption of minerals, vitamins, etc by intestines. So the better the stomach works better would be the health. A lot of experts have a lot of views about how much and when one should drink water. But most of them agree that water should be poured before a meal and in the morning without anything eaten. Here is a simple digestion improvement activity that not only revitalizes stomach strength but also helps to control blood pressure, cholesterol, sugar, cancer, skin diseases.

The first thing to do in the morning is to drink at least four glasses of water and then brush your teeth. For a while don’t eat anything. Stomach will use those four water glasses to wash away all the impurities attached to its walls and they will be removed from the body, which will improve its digestion ability. Now take breakfast and don’t eat or drink for two hours. Water also helps to remove extra fats from the body. When a water glass is taken exactly 5-10 min before a meal a lot of space is filled with it thus enabling one to eat less and lose weight.

6- Water Benefits for Muscles:

Water Benefits for Muscles

Experts say that water is vital for the growth of muscular size. Though they do not directly provide proteins in enough quantity to add muscle weight. The most important function they perform is to transfer all the nutrients, minerals, vitamins from one place to another. Besides this, they also help organs to absorb all this useful stuff. If the proper amount of water is not being poured into your digestive system then during heavy exercises like swimming, gym, jogging all the body cells will utilize their water reserves, and thus a decline in muscle size will occur.

7- Water Benefits for Joints:

Water Benefits for Joints

Joints have a special lubricating liquid called synovial fluid between them which helps joints to move over each other without any damage done to the joint surface. The most important health benefit of water is that it helps to cushion joints everywhere in the body. Water helps to build up the synovial fluid to reduce friction and wearing and tearing of bones. These fluids are just like sponges filled with water and joints are cushioned over these sponges.

After reading the above article Health Benefits of Water, one should increase the daily intake of water to reap the Health Benefits of Water.

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