Health Benefits of Sweet Potato and Nutritional Value

The Health Benefits of Sweet Potatoes are immense. Being starch-rich, it is clear that it has a higher content of carbohydrates in it. But being fat-free and having little sodium content, it possesses many health benefits. It is a high source of vitamins and other nutrients with a high supply of fiber. Although it is sweet and starchy but helps diabetic patients by maintaining blood sugar levels. Apart from diabetes, we have listed some health benefits of sweet potatoes like sweet potato is good for the prevention of cancer, sweet potato for heart attacks, sweet potato for blood pressure, sweet potato for reducing stress, sweet potatoes for skin, sweet potato for weight loss, along with many other benefits.
Following given are the details of health benefits:

1- Sweet Potatoes for Diabetics

Sweet Potatoes for Diabetes

The most important health benefit of sweet potatoe is sweet potatoes for diabetes. Due to the presence of high amounts of fiber, it helps to improve blood sugar level in patients with Diabetes type 2. Another important factor is its glycemic index that reduces low blood sugar level attacks in the body and insulin resistance. Consumption of sweet potato does not give the body instant elevation in the blood sugar level but provides the body with a steady energy supply to the body.

2- Sweet Potatoes for Healthy Heart:

Sweet Potatoes for Healthy Heart

Another heath benefit of sweet potato is sweet potatoe for heart health as it contains a higher amount of vitamin B6 and potassium. Vitamin B6 breaks the homocysteine, a factor that is a cause of the hardening of blood vessels causing hurdles in blood supply and ultimately a cause of heart attack. Potassium is a good electrolyte that not only helps to regulate heartbeat but also keeps controls blood pressure by maintaining proper blood fluid levels. Potassium is also helpful for reducing blood pressure by maintaining blood fluid levels. Its regular intake normalizes the effects of sodium intake by snacks we consume on daily basis.

Sweet Potatoes are a rich source of Vitamin D and Iron and both helps to keep bones strong. Iron not only provides energy to the body but also helps to produce RBC and WBC. Another important function is the strength of our teeth (that is a bone as well) and the proper functioning of the thyroid gland in humans by regulating its hormone production and absorption.

3- Sweet Potatoes for Strong Immunity

Sweet Potatoes for Strong Immunity

Sweet Potato is a high source of Magnesium that is a relaxing mineral. It is a pivotal component supporting the metabolism of carbohydrates. Magnesium triggers a good mood, relaxation, and calmness. Apart from its anti-stress properties, Magnesium causes nerve health, muscle health, bone, and blood health. Vitamins (A, E, C, and B) are present in sweet potatoes which supports the immune system. The nutritional composition of the vegetable varies in different varieties. But the diseases fighting property is the same in all varieties. Due to all these factors sweet potatoes for immunity and stress is rightly said.

4- Sweet Potatoes for Cancer

Sweet Potatoes for Cancer

Sweet potato is a rich source of a mineral named beta-carotene. Beta-carotene encounters the risk of cancer in both men and women. In men, it is said to have an inverse relationship with colon cancer. While in the case of Women, the same factor can avoid the risk of breast cancer and ovarian cancer and the presence of Iron in the composition of sweet potatoes promotes fertility as well.  Apart from cancer counter effects, it can avoid the signs of aging and can improve the eyesight of people. Thus adoption of sweet potatoes for cancer recovery is highly recommended.

Nutritional Value of Sweet Potatoes

Nature has gifted us different fruits and vegetables, some are available throughout the year, but a few are season based. Every fruit and vegetable is packed with its own nutritional value and health benefits that we normally ignore. Sweet Potato is one of that season based nature’s gift. It is composed of different nutrients and has its own worth in healthy foods. Sweet Potato comes in different varieties of colour ranging from yellow to purple. Sweet potato is a starch rich tuber root. That needs water and a little attention to be cultivated properly. It is fat free vegetable, having lower sodium content as compared to white potato we consume in routine and but being starch rich, it has higher amount of sugar in it.

Following is the brief account of nutritional value of sweet potatoes:

  • Sodium in sweet potatoes makes 2% of our total DV recommendation
  • Potassium makes 9% of our total DV requirement
  • Dietary Fibers present in sweet potatoes makes 12% of our DV needs
  • Vitamin A makes 283% of our DV recommendation
  • Vitamin B6 makes 10% of our DV recommendation
  • Magnesium makes 6% of our DV recommendation

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