Health Benefits of Sex

The Health Benefits of Sex are innumerable. It has been clinically proved that sex not only affects your mood but also has a great clinically beneficial for your body. Having regular sex not only reduces distances among partners but also helps to keep physically healthier you. It has been found clinically true that healthy living is directly associated with having regular sex. Some of the Health Benefits of Sex are listed below:

1- Sex Releases Stress

Sex Releases Stress

Endorphins and Oxytocin are the two hormones closely related to activating human brain parts which increase the sense of relaxation and stresslessness in humans. Release of both these hormones increases during sex. Thus one is feeling stressful hours in the office and relations at home, should do sexual intercourse once in a while to overcome this condition and this idea has been widely supported by laboratory experiments by the scientists of the University of West Scotland. Sex also helps to improve public dealing as it boosts self-confidence and self-esteem in humans releasing depression. To benefit from the uses of sex you don’t have to have enjoyable sex but reaching orgasm is enough to harvest the benefits of sex. The researchers from Scotland related to the journal Biological Psychology found that sexual activity brought down the blood pressure of many married couples which directly helped them to control stress.

2- Sex Relieves Pain

Sex Releases Backpain

Sex is a natural pain reliever for humans since during sex hormones called oxytocin and endorphins are released which directly affect headaches and other body pains. If a partner complains of pain in any body part should go through sexual intercourse for natural relief. Sex helps to relieve any back pain or pounding head instantly as soon as the body goes through orgasm. The endorphins released during sex act as morphine to release any pains and aches. As soon as the body reaches orgasms there is a natural increase in the flow of oxytocin which eventually releases endorphins which act as a natural pain killer for headaches and body pains.

3- Sex Boosts Immune System

Sex Boosts Immune System

Sex boosts the immune system, though this claim is supported by many researchers more research is needed to prove this claim. A study conducted at Pennsylvania University proved that people having sex frequently i.e. twice or thrice a week had an increase in their levels of an antibody called Immunoglobin A (IgA). The level of Immunoglobin was increased approximately 30% from usual levels as soon as the climax was approached. The rise in Immunoglobin boosts the immune system along with the prevention from flu. Another study conducted in Pennsylvania concluded that people having regular sexual intercourse had an immune system more responsive than people having less or no sex. Some researchers claim that even holding hands and hugging greatly benefit the working of the immune system by increasing the levels of oxytocin in blood flow.

4- Sex Increases Cardiovascular Health

Some researchers believe and claim to have clinical proof that sex greatly improves cardiovascular health. A study conducted and followed for 20 years proved that subjects having regular sex enjoy healthier hearts than the subjects having very low or no frequency of sex in their routine life. These subjects brought down the risk of heart strokes to half with the regular routine of having sex. It has been clinically proved that people having regular sex found easy to control their blood pressures and thus in result enjoyed healthier heart. It has been proved clinically that men who performed sexual intercourse regularly had 45 percent lesser chances to go through heart surgeries and other heart-related treatments.

5- Sex Burn Calories

Sex Burns Calories

Sex has been clinically proved as a calorie burner and is a great form of exercise. It enables both physical and emotional exercise which boosts overall health. Though calorie-burning rate as compared to other aerobic exercises is lesser still it burns some extra pounds of fat. Sex is a calorie-burning exercise since body parts including legs, arms, stomach, shoulders, back expand and contract to maintain body health. A single-sex workout will burn at least 80 – 250 calories depending on the length of the single sexual intercourse.

6- Sex Boosts Sound Sleep

Sex Boosts Sound Sleep

During sex, a hormone called oxytocin is released which boosts the human body to take deep and relaxing sleep. This hormone released in blood flow during orgasm boosts sleep and thus as a result maintains blood pressure. Other than hormone release in blood excessive physical exercise involved in sex makes the body relax and have sound sleep. The endorphins released during sex help the body to release stress and anxiety from the mind. Another hormone called prolactin is released extensively during sex which boosts sleep.

7- Sex Keeps Young

Sex Keeps Young

Sex makes the body young and vibrant. Testosterone and estrogens released during sexual arousal keep the body young and add a youthful glow to the body. These hormones keep many body parts like skin glowing and hair soft and fluffy. A study conducted in Australia found that couples doing sex thrice a week enjoyed healthy and youthful life. They had 50% fewer chances to die due to any medical reason. A 10-year study in Scotland concluded that couples who enjoyed sex 2-3 times a week looked 7-12 years younger. Doctors believe that bundles of testosterones released during sex are a major source of bone-building at old age. It also helps to build back testosterone reserves which deplete as age increases.

8- Sex Boosts Libido

Sex Boosts Libido

About 30% of the women hear from their men that they don’t want sex now, you must be astonished to hear that but it is true that this ratio is that much high. The reason behind the drop of libido in some men and women is the drop in testosterone levels. Old age, smoking, drinking alcohol, or any other addiction, lack of healthy living forces to produce less testosterone. During sex heavy amounts in fact bundles of testosterone are produced which causes an increase in sexual drive.

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