Health Benefits of Pumpkin and Nutritional Value of Pumpkin

Health Benefits of PumpkinPumpkin is a widely used vegetable having many health benefits. It is used in the form of vegetables, desserts, and fruit. It is cultivated throughout the world especially in the USA on a commercial scale for its fruit and seeds. Pumpkins are generally of yellowish Orange color with 4-5 kg of weight in general. The maximum weight of a pumpkin can be 25 Kg. Pumpkins have various nutrients packed in them at a cost of very low calories. Apart from the pulp of the vegetable, its white-colored seeds are also used and are very rich in nutrients. Pumpkin is a pack of nutrients at a cost of very low calories. It is a rich source of Vitamin A, E, and C. It is one of the foods recommended by the nutritionist for weight reduction and cholesterol control. Pumpkin contains Dietary fibers and other valuable minerals. Pumpkin seeds are white and are a richer source of minerals, vitamins, and omega-3 fatty acids, with protein in it. These contents are useful for hair health, heart health, obesity fight, cancer fight, mood-boosting, boosting the immune system, boosting fertility, and energy restoring. Following given are few benefits given in detail:

1-  Controlling Blood Pressure

Health Benefits of Pumpkin

Being rich in Potassium, pumpkin is good at controlling the blood pressure of the body. Higher intake of Sodium in the form of different snacks consumed can imbalance the minerals balance of our body. More consumption of sodium is a major reason for hypertension in humans. The use of pumpkin in the daily routine can play a counter effect for the effects of sodium in the body, reducing the stress and regulating the blood pressure. Higher intake of Potassium can reduce the risk and frequency of heart strokes, formation of stones in kidneys due to higher consumption of sodium and other minerals that are the cause of stone formation.

2-  Optical Health

Pumpkin For Optical Health

Being rich in vitamin A, C, and E, Pumpkins are very effective for eye health.  The presence of Vitamin C and beta-carotene in its composition make it improve the eye health and avoidance of degenerative damage.  Regular consumption of pumpkins can avoid the diseases like eye muscle degeneration and aging effect. Usage of Vitamin A can help you watching even in the dimmer light. And the orange color of pumpkin comes from pigment beta-carotene that is converted into the vitamin the body of humans when consumed. Pumpkin can make one’s vision sharper.

3-  Boosting Immune System

Pumpkin for Boosting Immune System

The presence of Vitamin A, E, and C in the pumpkin highlights its medical benefits. Apart from being beneficial for health nourishment, it also helps to avoid the viruses, bacteria, and microorganisms that cause diseases in the human body. The presence of important nutrients boosts the functions of the immune system, making the defense system and the body strong enough to fight against diseases. Such as, the presence of Vitamin C, can help the body to recover from the cold strokes in the winter season.

4-  Cancer Prevention

Pumpkin for Cancer Prevention

The presence of beta carotene in the pumpkin makes it a defensive tool against cancer cells. As research shows that beta-carotene-rich food consumption can reduce the exposure and risk of Cancer of either lungs or prostate cancer. Apart from the presence of beta carotene (that is converted into Vitamin A in our body), the presence of Vitamin C plays a role in the defense team of the body. Anti-oxidants properties of both of these vitamins work as a shield against the free radicals present in the body that may cause cancer and other diseases.

5-  Reduce Obesity and Cure Diabetes

Pumpkin Reduces Obesity and Cure Diabetes

Research done to date has shown the positive impact of pumpkin consumption on the body. It is said that pumpkin can impact blood glucose levels, by reducing it and maintaining it up to the required level. It is also assumed to impact the glucose tolerance level of the body and the insulin production in the body to tackle diabetes issues. It can prove to be a natural remedy, instead of chemically made medicines consumption. The use of pumpkin can reduce weight, as it is an often overlooked remedy to obesity. The presence of fiber in the vegetable makes its inclusion into the obesity-fighting group of vegetables and fruits. It fills up your stomach at the cost of very low calories. It is no doubt a gift of nature to reduce weight.

6-  Mood Booster and Energy Bank

Pumpkin carries the minerals, and its seeds are a source of amino acid tryptophan, which is said to be the trigger for pro-feast thanksgiving snooze. That’s why t is said to be the mood booster for people, as it works due to the presence of potassium as well, making the mind relax by reducing the hypertension load on the mind. Usage of pumpkin, after a hard workout, can give you the energy to get fresh. The presence of potassium in the vegetable can help to restore the energy in the body by balancing the electrolytes in the body. The energy is gained on very low calories consumed.

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