Health Benefits of Pistachio (Pista) and Nutritional Value of Pistachio

The Health Benefits of Pistachios are numerous depending upon the nutritional value. Since pistachios are being consumed by humans before the beginning of the date. It has been an archaeologically proven fact that humans used pistachios since 6000 BC. Initially, this nutrient-rich dry fruit was produced in Iran and Iraq. Now it is produced in the United States, China, India, Turkey, Australia. Pistachios are available all year round in different forms like shelled, unshelled, sweet, and salted. Pistachio belongs to anacardaceae family and the tree takes around 10 to 12 years to give its first fruit. Of all the forms available in the market, unshelled is the best one since it is unopened keeping it safe from bacteria and the addition of other artificial.

There are a lot of minerals, vitamins, fats, proteins present in pistachio nuts beneficial for human health. Pistachios are rich in calcium, iron, Vitamin A, C, K, E, Magnesuim, potassium, copper, manganese, lutein, carotene, phosphorus, and many more to keep humans healthy. All these nutrients are being used by the human body to keep the heart and brain healthy, keep diabetes and hypertension away, the digestive system on track, nervous and reproductive system working.

Following is the detailed account of the Health Benefits of Pistachio:

1- Healthy Skin:

Pistachio for Skin

If your skin showing earlier signs of aging and this situation is causing immense depression then leave all tensions aside and add small quantities of Pistachio nuts to your diet. Vitamin E present in pistachio nuts is a powerful antioxidant. It fights signs of the aging process by neutralizing the damage caused by free radicals. Vitamin E protects the skin from the damage caused by the UV rays by providing a protective coating. Oil extracted from Pistachio nuts keeps skin soft and puffy by keeping it moisturized. Thus it can prove to be a very promising natural moisturizing agent instead of unnatural chemical stuffed moisturizing creams. Fatty acid present in Pistachio helps to maintain a glowing effect of the skin thus removing any signs of aging.

2- Pistachio for Healthy Brain:

Pistachio Keeps Brain Healthy and Active

Pistachios are very helpful for a healthy brain, this is done by the Vitamin B6 present in pistachios. Vitamin B6 helps red blood cells to absorb the oxygen necessary for the performance of daily functions. Humans eat a lot of bad cholesterol-rich food which gets accumulated around the walls of the heart and blood vessels. This not only causes immense damage to the arteries but also damaged arteries and vessels are unable to supply fresh oxygen-rich blood to the brain in excess quantities which makes the brain an unhealthy organ.

3- Anti-Cancer:

Pistachio For Cancer Cure

Some studies have confirmed that Pistachios are helpful in the human body fight against cancer cells causing different forms of cancers like lung, breast, prostate cancers. According to the latest research conducted by scientists support the idea that Pistachio is helpful in preventing blood cells to wither away and cause cancer. Some researchers claim that Vitamin E is helpful to reduce cancer risk abruptly. They also claim that gamma-tocopherol, another form of Vitamin E is quite helpful to reduce lung cancer risk. Some other scientists claim that pistachio’s preventive effect on cancer cells is yet to confirm.

4- Healthy Heart:

Pistachio for Healthy Heart

Pistachios are considered to be heart-friendly nuts that contain substances like monosaturated fats, phytosterol, arginine, and gamma-tocopherol which are considered to be extremely heart-friendly. Due to the high levels of LDLs present in our daily diet, which accumulate around the walls of the vessels and arteries, narrowing the passage for the blood. The heart has to pump harder to push blood to the edges of the body which causes strokes, heart attacks, closing of valves, clogging of veins.  Pistachio helps to fight against LDLs which increases the passage of blood through the veins and decreasing stress on the heart and improved blood circulation.

5- Healthy Eyesight:

Pistachio for Healthy Eyesight

Pistachio, many people will be surprised to learn not only cures any defects but also improves eyesight. Free radicals which are known to cause many human ailments are neutralized by carotenes present in pistachio. As age increases eye defects called macular degeneration which leads to blindness can also be neutralized. Vitamin A present in Pistachios in the form of carotenoids helps the eyes against pollution effects. People working long hours over computers often face problems to focus instantly on other objects, which can be cured by including pistachios in their diet since they have an adequate amount of carotenoids. If you want to improve your eyesight then Pistachio could be your first priority after the carrot.

6- Strong Nervous System

Pistachio Keeps Nervous System Healthy

The nervous system plays a vital role in the transmission of information from the source to the receiver. If the information is delayed due to some issues in the nervous system the whole human body functions go out of balance. Now Pistachio has adequate amounts of Vitamin B6 which supports the nervous system in the transmission of impulses. Vitamin B6 also helps in the production of amino acids which are the basic building blocks in the nervous system. Amino acids produced by Vitamin B6 act as messengers in the nervous system. Besides that Vitamin B6 also forms a protective coating around the nerve system which facilitates the transmission of messages from the sender to the receiver.

7- Anti-Diabetic

Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of the disease and it further deteriorates if the person is suffering from obesity. The fact has been clinically proved that people at risk of going the type 2 diabetes can greatly benefit from Pistachios. These nuts have been gifted by the ability to stop diabetes from extending to the next stage. Pistachios if taken on a regular basis can definitely control blood sugar levels and insulin levels without any increase in weight or rise in cholesterol levels. It has been clinically proved that Pistachios are rich in fibers, unsaturated fats, carotenoids, and antioxidants which greatly help to absorb and break down sugar to energy.

Nutritional Value of Pistachio

Pistachios have a hard, oval egg-shaped shell that is mostly cooked at high temperatures before eating but is also taken in raw shape. Pistachios are a good source of energy making them an instant source of health and nutrition. A good source of fiber, proteins, minerals, and vitamins makes it a healthy though expensive source of wellness and health. A raw cup of 100 gms of Pistachios contains fiber, proteins, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, copper, etc. Pistachios are naturally almost cholesterol-free sources of energy-containing very low amounts of mono- and polyunsaturated fats.

Following is the detailed account of Pistachio’s nutritional value present in 100 gms :

  • Potassium important for brain functions makes around 29% of total nutritional value which makes 1025 mg.
  • Proteins makes around 40% of the total nutritonal value making 20 gm.
  • Iron which is important for fresh blood production makes around 21% of the the total nutritional value.
  • Magnesium makes around 30 % of the total nutritional value present in 100 gm of Pistachio.
  • Calcium which is essential for healthy bones and teeth makes around 10 % of the total nutritional value.
  • Fats which provide energy for basic body functions makes around 30 % of the total nutritional value.
  • 9 gms of Dietary Fiber is present which is highly beneficial for the bowel movements and other digesting functions.

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