Health Benefits Of Peanuts and Nutritional Value

Health Benefits of Peanuts and Nutritional Value of Peanuts are immense. It is a healthy nutritional full punch if taken in balanced quantities could yield a lot of benefits. Peanuts grown in major continents of the world are known for their useful fats and nutritional values. It is consumed raw, slightly toasted, butter, flour forms as well, and all these forms have equal nutritional supplies. Depending on its nutritional ingredients Health Benefits of Peanuts are immense. Some of the Health Benefits of Peanuts and Nutritional Value of Peanuts are listed below for quick reference:


Peanuts for Weight Gain

Peanuts are a very powerful food and are said to be very good for those who want to get rid of extra weight that also becomes the reason for many ailments. Extra weight makes people lazy and provides unhealthy life so it should be diminished and maintain healthy and minimum weight. Peanuts are very good food for reducing weight. However, peanuts are rich in calories but it also helps lose extra weight.

Peanut is a good source of protein, fiber, and unsaturated fats they are very good for health and helps in reducing calories. Protein is a very good fat-burning agent; it burns all the extra fat. Recent researchers have discovered that people who take peanuts twice a day have lost their weight while those who didn’t add peanuts to their diet show no progress. So those people who think that Peanuts help to gain weight, think wrong because that is not true in fact peanuts help in reducing weight.


Peanuts for Inflammation

Peanuts got numerous health benefits, these small size peanuts are said to cure many ailments and could help in beating many diseases. They are said to be a very good anti-inflammation agent and their various component helps to fight against inflammation. As we knew that peanuts contain mono-saturated fats that are beneficial for health. Foods that are a good source of mono-saturated fats help in fighting against inflammation. As we knew that bad cholesterol also becomes the cause of inflammation. Peanuts contain nutrients that help to fight this bad cholesterol and support good cholesterol. Peanuts contain phytosterol that works as a barrier and block all the LDL cholesterol that becomes the reason for inflammation.


Peanuts Keep Heart Healthy

The heart requires such a component that helps the heart to stay healthy and work properly. Peanuts got all the type of component that helps the heart to have a healthy working and promotes healthy life. According to the latest researches, it is proved that peanuts lower the risk of heart disease. And it is said to be the most common and effective food against cardio problems. Peanut got the ability to lower the rate of LDL cholesterol and promotes healthy fats that support healthy life to the heart. Peanuts contain mono-saturated and poly-unsaturated fats that are said to be very good for the heart and in most studies it is also found that it also helps to the effect of triglycerides that is also very harmful to the heart.

4-  Prevents Cancer

Peanuts Prevents Cancer

There are no cancers invading different parts of the body, it is quite difficult to treat them individually, the only way to avoid cancer is to take a diet rich in cancer-protective nutrients, and peanut is packed with such elements. Peanuts are rich in specific vitamins, minerals, and fats that have cancer-preventing effects. If a cancer patient is in severe condition and is avoiding chemotherapy then peanuts contain many organic substances which directly affect the progression of many cancers. Peanuts have one form of phytosterols called beta-sitosterol which greatly blocks cancer cells to deteriorate the situation. Women have great benefits regarding colon cancers since regular peanut intake will decrease cancer risk up to 58% in men and 27% in women. Peanuts also contain antioxidants that have the ability to reduce stomach cancer.

5-  Weight Control

Peanuts for Weight Loss

Peanuts are rich in fiber which makes peanuts high mass and low-fat food. If taken in controlled quantities daily can control weight a great deal. All the high fiber content food should be taken before taking regular meals so that one should feel full and food intake can be decreased thus controlling the food a great deal. People taking peanuts regularly are observed to have high energy, lesser weight than people not taking peanuts since peanuts are a rich source of minerals, vitamins besides antioxidants. Many studies conducted concluded that people including peanuts in their diet have effectively controlled their weight than people taking food excluding peanuts.

6-  Skin Health

Peanuts for Healthy Skin

There are many nutrients present in peanuts that help maintain healthy skin, these include Vitamin C and E, zinc, magnesium, fatty acids, fibers. All these nutrients play an important role in maintaining healthy skin. Vitamin E helps to build new skin cells and protect existing cells from free radical damaging effects and besides that, it also protects skin from UV rays burns. Collagen which is highly beneficial to maintain firm and elastic skin is produced by Vitamin C, present in peanuts.

Peanuts also contain zinc and magnesium which help the skin in the fight against bacteria causing acne and both these minerals also help to maintain skin glow. Magnesium-rich peanuts help body nerves calm and blood vessels healthy, providing consistent blood flow to the skin. Toxin materials present in our digestive system make skin dull and cause the skin to show age wrinkles. Fibers present in peanuts help to remove toxin materials from the body. Omega 3 fatty acids in peanuts reduce chances of inflammation and keep skin hydrated which in turn reduces chances of skin cancer.

7-  Hair Health

Peanuts for Healthy Hair

Peanuts are rich in dietary fibers useful to maintain a healthy digestive system. Vitamin E is beneficial to maintain healthy skin and produce fresh tissues and healthy hair. Vitamin C is beneficial to produce collagen building blocks of hair. Omega 3 amino acid is beneficial to maintain healthy arteries thus improving blood flow in all the organs of the body. Magnesium is beneficial to keep a healthy nerve system thus keeping skin and other organs in good health. Peanuts are helpful to keep cancer and inflammation away.

Following is a detailed account of the nutritional value of Peanuts:

  • Calcium present in peanuts makes 9% of our DV.
  • Copper in peanuts makes 127% of our DV
  • Iron in peanuts makes 57% of our DV
  • Magnesium makes around 42% of our DV.
  • Manganese makes around 84% of our DV.
  • Phosphorus makes 54% of our DV.
  • Zinc in peanuts makes around 30% of our DV.
  • Vitamin E makes more than 55% of our DV.
  • Dietary Fiber is present around 22% of our DV.

Reading the Health Benefits of Peanuts and Nutritional value of Peanuts, one should add it to their daily intake especially during winter season

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