Health Benefits of Olives

The history of benefiting from olives dates back to thousands of years. The man had long discovered that olives are a rich source of energy and the Health Benefits of Olives are immense. Keeping in view human civilization added other varieties of olives in their diets. Now many countries not only eat olives for their health benefits but it has been added into national cuisines, cultures, traditions. Olives are now being used in pickles, cuisines, their oils are used for healing purposes. Following are some of the Health Benefits of Olives listed:

1- Olives Helps Control Weight

Olives Control Weight

Olives contain monounsaturated fats that replace the saturated fats taken in our daily edible oil. That’s why it is encouraged to replace routine edible oil with olive oil as it aids weight loss. This reduction of weight comes up with reduced insensitivity of insulin production. Even the aroma of olive can fill us sup reducing the food intake desire. It also contains dietary fibers, filling up the stomach, reducing the place for food in the stomach.

2- Cancer Prevention

Olives for Cancer

Anti-oxidants properties of olives prove them a natural remedy for the risk of cancer-causing cells. Polyphenols, vitamin E, and beta-carotene are the most important anti-oxidant substances found in olives.  Anti-oxidant properties of the polyphenols are significant to reduce the impact of free radicals causing breast cancer, ovary cancer in the human body. Being used as a part of your diet food can save a person from colon cancer and many other diseases. Vitamin E, present in Olive, can make safe processes safer. In an unprotected form, free radicals can damage the DNA of the cell, resulting in cancerous cells.

3-  Skin and Hair Health

Olives for Skin and Hair Health

Olives are a rich source of Vitamin E, several anti-oxidants, and amino acids. Such a great combination of vital nutrients, Vitamin E being at the top, nourish, protect and lock water content in the skin and hair. For the Skin, Vitamin E is no doubt a miracle nutrient; it has an anti-aging effect, avoidance of the impact of UV rays from the sun, and it is a guard against skin cancer-causing free radicals. Being rich in Amino Acids, Olive oil provides the hair with a protein treatment, making them nourish and grow. Olive oil and fruit intake can make the skin glow, nourish, and improvement in skin tone.

4-  Anti-Inflammatory Benefits

Olives Keep Inflammation Away

Olive consumption even in the allergy has positive effects on the body. Anti-inflammatory properties of the olives are now said to have anti-histamine properties. Histamines are substances that are overproduced in allergies and can play a key role in the inflammation of the body processes and cells. Olives, if used as a daily anti-allergic diet for allergy patients, can earn many benefits for allergy patients. Consumption of Olives in the daily diet can make breathing easier for allergy patients.

5- Digestive Track

Olive contains Vitamin E and Monounsaturated fats fight the free radicals that can cause colon cancer. Apart from colon protection, olive consumption can improve bile and pancreatic juice production more naturally as compared to the drugs consumed for the purpose. It also reduces the chance of gall stones formation. The amount of fiber present in it helps the digestion of food in a healthier way. This helps to move food smoothly making an ideal balance in the micro-organism, chemicals, and other contents in the food.

6-  Vision and Blood Glutathione Level

Consumption of a few olives daily provides you with the amount of body-required Vitamin A. That can help to improve your eyesight. It helps your eye functioning in darkness. Apart from this function support, Vitamin A can help avoidance of eye-related aging issues, macular degeneration, and many others. Pulp of olive fruit can help to improve the anti-oxidant level of blood. Glutathione is one of the premier anti-oxidant nutrients found in the blood. Increased consumption of Olive pulp can improve the level of Glutathione resulting in improved anti-oxidant and fighting capacity of the body.

The above-mentioned are some of the many health benefits of olives, we gonna keep updating our list. Though olives are nutrient-packed fruits canned olives are often prohibited due to their high sodium level. So if you are watching your sodium level, avoid canned olives.

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