Health Benefits of Mangoes

Mango, commonly known as ‘King Of Fruits’ has unique flavor, fragrance, and health benefits. Mango having a botanical name of Magnifera Indicainitially originated from the sub-Himalayan plains of the Subcontinent and is now cultivated in almost all the continents around the globe. Mango has different shapes, sizes, colors, depending on the region it is grown which changes its benefits slightly. Mango size ranges from 5-15 cm in length and 4-11 cm wide weighing 150-750 gms. Following is the nutritional chart of mango which makes it a unique fruit.   

Following are the benefits of mangoes besides good taste and fragrance.

1- Mangoes Improve Bone Strength

Mangoes Improve Bone Strength

Mangoes are rich in some very important minerals which are essential to build and maintain healthy bones. Potassium, Copper, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and some other antioxidants in mangoes work with other compounds to produce bone cells to make healthy bones and keep the skeleton intact and help it to perform its functions properly.

2- Mangoes Help Against Cancers

Mangoes Help Against Cancer

Mango in appropriate quantity helps the body to improve defense against numerous cancers like Leukemia, Breast, Colon, Prostate. Mangoes rich in some antioxidant compounds like methyl gallate, gallic acid, fisetin, astragalin, and other enzymes help the body to get rid of these dangerous cancers. These antioxidants fight against radicals which results in the above-mentioned cancers.

3- Mangoes Boosts Digestion

Mangoes Boosts Digestion

Fibers are very essential to maintain the health and strength of the stomach and intestine, more fiber one has in a diet the more effective the digestive system it will make. Mangoes rich in fibers play an important role in maintaining a healthy stomach and intestine. These fibers in mangoes improve appetite.

4- Mangoes Boosts Eyesight

Mangoes Boosts Eyesight

Mangoes are rich in Vitamin A. An average cup of pulp contains more than 150% of the daily vitamin A required to maintain a healthy human eye which is quite enough more than the human body requires. It also helps to remove other eye malfunctions like night blindness, eye dryness, eyeball itching, and burning, cornea disorders. In fact, vitamin A not only removes disorders but also helps to improve eyesight.

5- Mangoes Boosts Sex Drive

Mangoes Improve Sex Drive

6- Mangoes Good for Diabebtes

Mangoes Fight Diabetes

Recent studies have claimed that people suffering from diabetes should take mangoes regularly. Mangoes help diabetics to control high sugar levels in the blood. There is a common assumption that all sweet fruits are not good for sugar patients. Now let us see how much the human body needs sugar to perform its daily body functions. According to recent studies, it has been confirmed that our body needs 15gms of carbohydrates which can be obtained by eating at least 83gms of mangoes. This means a diabetic can take fruits as long as one is not exceeding the limit of daily carbohydrate requirements. According to a recent study from Australia, mangoes are also good at controlling high sugar levels in the blood through the sugar level has not yet reached the mark where it can be said as diabetes. Secondly, there are some important compounds in mangoes that have similar effects as cholesterol and sugar drugs have.

7- Mangoes Keep Skin Healthy

Mangoes Keep Skin Healthy

Mangoes have the ability to keep skin healthy from all aspects. Vitamin A present in mangoes has a dramatic effect on skin pimples and acne. Less Vitamin A causes torn skin from elbows knees, acne pimples. Vitamin C present in mangoes helps to tighten up loose skin which causes age lines and wrinkles, thus helps to remove age effects on the skin. Besides this, it also provides a shield against sun burns and makes skin glow. 

8- Mango Helps to Control Weight

Mangoes have no ingredient which is going to burn existing fats but it is going to help lose weight in a completely different way. Losing weight and without getting weak is a difficult task and the key to becoming slim is to eat those fruits and vegetables which make you feel full but contains fewer carbohydrates. The body needs the necessary amounts of carbohydrates and fats to perform daily tasks. Now mangoes have an adequate amount of fibers which is going to make the stomach feel full and will stop one to intake an extra bite of food. The body will burn existing calories stored in the form of fats and thus will decrease body mass. 

9- Mango Improves Brain Health

Mangoes Improve Brain Health

Mangoes are rich in Vitamin B6 which is good for brain health and improved memory. Beta-carotene and Vitamin C present in mangoes help to improve memory and make the brain focus. If mangoes are consumed regularly they have an adverse effect on brain concentration and quick and effective performance. Mangoes have phosphorus, magnesium, and copper the basic fuel for brains to perform their functions. Thus mangoes are important for children in their growing age.

10- Mangoes Improves Iron Deficiency

Mangoes help to improve blood levels in the body’s veins. Mango contains huge amounts of iron which is quite helpful in the fight against anemia. Besides this mango also has Vitamin C which helps to absorb iron. Thus women having pregnancy and people suffering from anemia should ad mangoes to their diet plan.

Besides all the above-mentioned health benefits mangoes have there are also numerous other compounds that help to maintain healthy gums and teeth. Vitamin A & C help to improve the immune system. Some mango types help to safeguard from heart strokes.

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