Health Benefits of Hugging and Kissing

According to some latest researches, it was revealed that there are some Jaw Droppings Health Benefits of Hugging and Kissing with your loved ones. According to some of the Philematologists-kiss researchers, kissing and hugging your spouse or your parents can lead you to a happier and prosperous life. Here are some of the reasons for hugging and kissing which you should consider if you have stopped touching with affection

1- Relieves Stress

According to some researches hugging and kissing act as meditation. When someone hugs his/her loved one, levels of oxytocin in blood increase which in turn reduces stress while producing feelings of affection and love. Another study showed that people suffering from hypertension, showed promising signs of improvements while their blood samples showed increased amounts of serotonin from the brain and lower levels of cortisol, a stress hormone. 

2- Keeps Us Healthy

Kissing and hugging in many cases keep us away from harmful bacteria which in some cases can cause serious health issues. When we kiss mouth produces more saliva which in turn washes away all harmful bacteria keeping our teeth cavity-free and decay-free. Besides that saliva produced contains extra amounts of antibiotics which are good for your health. While kissing and hugging and cuddling our brain and body release some antibodies which increase immunity against foreign bacterial invasions.  

3- Promotes Pleasure

Kissing greatly promotes pleasure by releasing oxytocin, also known as love hormones. If a child is cuddled and hugged in their younger ages, they develop a feeling of self-worthiness which strengthens as they reach to their adolescence. While kissing extra amounts of saliva are produced which helps to ease pressure on nerves as it contains a kind of anesthetic compound.

4- Weight Control and Younger Look

Well, this benefit will greatly drop the jaws of many individuals. According to research kissing and hugging with your loved ones helps you to lose some extra belly fat. One study claims that three kisses a day help you to lose one pound. Besides that, it also helps you to keep a younger look on your face. According to some researchers, when we kiss more than 30 face muscles expand and contract to cause a reduction in facial wrinkles and lines, bringing a youthful glow.  There are a lot more Jaw-Dropping Health Benefits of Hugging and Kissing, but I’m settling for the above ones and will keep updating this article.

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