Health Benefits of Garlic and Nutritional Value

The Health Benefits of Garlic and nutritional value of garlic are numerous. Due to its high nutritional value, garlic can be considered a blessing from heaven. Health Benefits of Garlic and nutritional value of garlic are listed below:


Garlic Boosts immune System

Garlic is well known for boosting the immune system and preventing various infections, bacteria, and fungus. It contains nutrients like vitamin B-6, B-1, C, iron and phosphorus, and alliin which then convert into allicin. Allicin is said to be the best treatment for boosting the immune system. It slows down the effect of bacteria and fungus and fights against them. Garlic is said to be a natural cure against bacterial and viral infection without having some kind of side effect. Garlic also contains ajoene and thiosulfinates, these two compounds are very effective in fighting against bacterial and viral infections. Drinking raw garlic juice is as good as taking Neosporin. Allicin is formed when garlic cloves is crushed or squeezed, so crushing fresh garlic is a good option to bring out those three compound. Garlic also encourages white blood cells that help in destroying the cold and flu infection.


Garlic for Healthy Heart

Garlic contains some essential compounds like allicin which help in promoting healthy living to the heart. It works as a powerful anti-oxidants. In studies, it is concluded that garlic improves the health of our respiratory and circulatory systems. It controls the level of blood pressure, cholesterol and maintains them according to their requirement. Garlic also encourages healthy blood flow. With all these properties garlic is scientifically approved for heart benefit. Allicin is another compound in garlic that promotes multiple heart benefits. One clove of garlic if taken on regular basis can restrict bad cholesterol and support good cholesterol. Basically, bad cholesterol is the cause of heart disease. Latest research has also ensure that it also prevents from blood platelets aggression. It also vitalizes the production of nitric oxide in the blood vessel which helps them to relax.

3-  Garlic for CANCER:

Garlic for Cancer

Garlic is one of the best foods that help in preventing lethal diseases like cancer. It is very effective and has some essential compounds that encounter cancer more than any food. According to the latest research, it is discovered that a person who takes garlic on regular basis has less chance of stomach cancer and colorectal cancer. The garlic bulb is considered the best cancer prevention food as it contains numerous anti-cancer compounds and anti-oxidant that support protection against cancer. These compounds help in blocking the nitrosamine and aflatoxin which become the reason for disastrous diseases like stomach, lungs, and liver cancer. There are at least 30 types of powerful compounds in garlic like quercetin, diallyl sulfide, allicin, and ajoene. Ajoene in garlic also has the ability to destroy cancer cells and work as an anti-cancer. Vitamin B-6 is another component in garlic that fights against cancer.


Garlic Stops i=Inflammation

There are plenty of foods worldwide that can help in reducing the disease like inflammation and garlic is said to be the natural cure for inflammation. As we know that garlic is a good source of vitamin and minerals that promotes healthy life. And with all these qualities garlic is one of the best anti-inflammatory foods. Inflammation links with the immune system and foods that are high in sugar can shoot inflammation because they cause overactivity in the immune system which leads to joint problems. Garlic contains four types of sulphuric compounds that help to cut inflammation. It also stimulates the immune system that helps in the fight against diseases. Garlic compounds work as a powerful agent and help in decreasing the level of homocysteine that breakdown the protein and become the cause of inflammation.


Garlic controls Blood Pressure

Garlic contains selenium and germanium which is very helpful to maintain any type of blood pressure. According to the research it is consider that garlic has the ability to reduce the level of hypertension which becomes the reason for high blood pressure. Allicin in garlic is a very powerful substance that is widely used by patients for the treatment of high blood pressure. Garlic protects some numerous proteins that become the cause of high blood pressure.

Allicin in garlic works like a big barrel and block the action of angiotensin II. Angiotensin becomes the reason for excessive blood pressure and garlic is very good in controlling high blood pressure and maintains it according to its requirement. Garlic also contains polysulphides that convert into hydrogen sulfide. Hydrogen sulfide is a gas that expands the blood vessels and prevents high blood pressure. It also soothes the blood vessel reducing any type of blood pressure

Garlic Origin:

Garlic Origin


It is one of the oldest plants that have been cultivated for thousands of years and is widely used as medicine all over the world. It was recommended as an effective medicine since ancient times and was mostly used as a home remedy. Garlic is very well famous for its encouraging healthy properties and promoting various health benefits. Now a days garlic is cultivated all around the world and now have become a key to daily cuisine. Back early for over 5000 years, it was also used as a flavoring agent, medicine, money, as an aphrodisiac, and also for magic. In the old ages, it was very expensive and hence was used as a currency at that time. People in ancient times also hung garlic over the doors to have protection from evil activity.

Garlic is native to Central Asia and is the member of Allium Sativum which is the genus of plant which also includes onions, leek, and chives. There are at least 750 types of species of garlic that are widely cultivated all over the world. Garlic has a very ancient history and was found in Egyptian pyramids and ancient Greek temples and was discovered in the tomb of Tutankhamen buried about 1500 B.C. At that time it was used to feed slaves to give them more strength and courage and was also part of the military daily diet too.

Garlic has been used for two purposes one is cullinary and the other for medicinal purposes. Garlic is mostly used in daily routine because of his pungent flavor as a seasoning. It is a bulb type plant and this bulb is the most commonly used part of the plant. Inside this bulb, there are single fleshy cloves divided into sections. These cloves are used for medical purposes and also in cooking as it has a pungent, spicy flavor. Garlic can be grown in mild climate and also very easy to grow. Because of their hard body, they are not easily attacked by pest or diseases. The name garlic was taken from the old English word garlic which means “Spear leak”. It has the ability to kill at least 60 types of fungi and yeast that including athlete’s foot and vaginitis.


It has been scientifically approved for promoting essential health benefits. Garlic contains some essential minerals, phytonutrients, antioxidant and vitamins that can encourage healthy life and can prevent from various unhealthy diseases and illness. It also contains numerous flavonoid antioxidants which help the body to fight against infection and harmful inflammation. It contain anti-oxidant like carotene beta, zea-xanthin. Latest researches has also concluded that regular intake of garlic can protect us from fatal diseases like stomach cancer. And garlic bulb is one of the richest sources of potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc and selenium. Selenium is another compound in garlic which promotes healthy minerals to the heart and keeps the heart safe from many diseases. Garlic is also used for the treatment of ear infection and it is the most ancient home remedy of ear.

Learning all the health benefits of garlic and nutritional value of garlic one should definitely ad it in their daily diet plan.

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