Health Benefits of Eating Yogurt Daily | Eat Yogurt Everyday

Yogurt is a milk-based food that is made by heating milk to kill any harmful bacteria. The yogurt starter culture is added to the milk which causes it to produce more acid. This process causes the milk to thicken and eventually form into yogurt. There is a long list of Health Benefits of Eating Yogurt Daily, such as strengthening your bones, boosting your immune system, and reducing inflammation in your gut. Following are some of the Health Benefits if you Eat Yogurt every day:

Health Benefits of Eating Yogurt Daily:

1- Yogurt for Cancer:

Yogurt for Cancer

According to the study conducted over 18882 participants, doctors concluded that people adding yogurt in their diet had shown 19% lesser signs of lung cancer. Even participants consuming alcohol regularly showed huge signs of cancer resistance. Accompanied with fiber intake, yogurt showed 33% more signs of cancer resistance. Another study conducted by the researchers at Sichuan University suggested that yogurt may help to reduce bladder cancer and colorectal cancer risk.

2- Yogurt for Digestive System:

Some studies have confirmed that yogurt contains bacteria that are highly beneficial for the digestive system. Some studies have also confirmed that yogurt might help in some colon disorders. Yogurt helps to clean the long intestine and stool removal. It helps to kill bacteria in our digestive system which helps in the recovery of severe diarrhea conditions and constipation.

3- Yogurt for Immune System:

Bacteria present in yogurt increase resistance against inflammation which is a great cause of mental and physical disorders. It also helps to decrease the common cold and flu. Magnesium and zinc present in yogurt are the main cause of its strengthening immune system. Vitamin D present in yogurt is also beneficial in body resistance against cold and viral flu. All these minerals present in yogurt, make it a catalyst against cancer, flu, colds, inflammation, and other digestive system infections.

4- Yogurt for Weight Loss:

Eating yogurt gives a full effect on our stomach which pushes us to eat less which in turn helps to bring down food intake. This fuller effect by yogurt is due to the high protein levels present in it. Eating lesser quantities of food daily helps to bring down calorie intake and accumulation of fats around our belly. A recent study on a group of people concluded that yogurt greatly helps to bring down calorie intake and belly fat. Previously it was a common assumption among western nations that regular dairy products intake increases obesity.

5- Yogurt for Bones:

Yogurt is rich in healthy nutrients like phosphorus, calcium, protein, potassium, and Vitamin D. All these nutrients are highly beneficial for bone health. Yogurt reduces the chances of osteoporosis. Bone malfunctions cause the density of bones reduced and there is a high risk of bone fractures. People who are worried about their bone health should increase yogurt in their diet.

Depending on the above-listed Health Benefits of Eating Yogurt Daily, we can easily judge how important it is to add yogurt to our daily lifestyle along with physical activity and taking lesser mental tension. Here are some of the other dairy products which are equally very important as Yogurt.

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