Health Benefits of Cucumber

Following is a huge list of Health Benefits of Cucumber and the Nutritional Value of Cucumber. Reading this list one can easily be convinced that due to these Health Benefits of Cucumber and the Nutritional Value of Cucumber, it is an essential human body need:

Cucumber is Anti-Cancer

Latest researches have concluded that cucumbers contain some compounds which when added to the diet act as an anti-cancer agent. Though these studies are in the initial stages conducted over animals and not ready to be recommended for humans. Lignans present in cucumbers are converted into entrolignans which help to reduce estrogen diseases like cancer.

Another study concluded that cucurbitacins present in cucumbers play a vital role in blocking the cancer cell development processes. Korean scientists confirmed that women including cucumbers in their diet were showing fewer signs of breast cancer than women taking no cucumbers. Cucumbers are found to be a confirmed cure for breast, ovary, uterus, prostate cancers.

Cucumber Aids Digestion

Cucumber for Digestion

Due to the high fiber content present in cucumbers, it is considered to be a highly digestive diet element. Cucumber circulates in our digestive system and soothes the whole system by eliminating any toxin materials present in the intestines. It also removes any toxin materials at the walls of the stomach thus increasing the effect of the digestive system. Many digestive system problems like acidity can be cured by regular intake of cucumbers. Cucumber seeds are highly beneficial in removing intestinal worms formed due to unhealthy eating and unhealthy routine life. Cucumber is made up of 90 percent water which helps to produce saliva. Saliva in turn softens up food that is easily digested without making the digestive system work harder.

Cucumbers which are a very good source of potassium are highly rich in nutrients beneficial for heart health. Potassium lowers down the blood pressure which in turn helps to keep the heart healthy since the wear and tear of arteries and the heart-pumping system due to high blood pressure is reduced. Cucumbers control the daily consumption of triglycerides which are enzymes used by the body cells for energy. Though triglycerides are a good source of energy uncontrolled consumption causes the heart to work in excess. This excess work causes high blood pressure and hardening of arteries, another cause of high blood pressure. Cucumbers contain three lignins called lariciresinol, pinoresinol, and secoisolariciresinol which help to increase heart health.

Cucumber is Anti-Aging

Cucumber is anti-aging

The Cucumber hydrates the body and removes any signs of aging caused due to dehydration. Improper water and skin nutrient intake, skin goes through the process of wear and tear earlier than its age. Cucumber has a nourishing effect on skin removing wrinkles, acne, pimples, and other signs of aging. Silica an important component in cucumbers will help to revitalize joints, skin, tissues making them tighter. It supplies the necessary amount of water to all these parts helping them to perform their functions. A proper supply of water helps to use less effort and removes any possibilities of wear and tear.

Cucumber Keeps Your Teeth White

Cucumber for White Teeth

Food when taken gets stick to the teeth and gums which when left for a longer period of time causes bacteria to accumulate. These bacteria cause a lot of teeth and gum problems which include bad breath, pyorrhea, cavities, toothache caused by loose teeth, etc. All these disorders are caused by food leftover in the mouth which when goes through decay produces complications.

Now the first step to being taken to get rid of left food is to do regular brush. Fresh and crispy fruits are very helpful to clean your mouth. The high water content present in fruits and vegetables washes away all the unwanted substances while chewing. These crispy fruits and veggies act as a natural brush and give exercise to the gums. The high content of fiber present in cucumbers massages teeth and gums increasing blood flow in them and curing if any loose teeth.

Cucumber For Bone Health

Cucumber for Bone Health

Best of all health benefits of Cucumber is that it is highly helpful to keep bones healthy. With the passage of our life wear and tear makes our bones weaker and weaker, besides this, our hair is also lost and dried, nails become hard or tend to break away. The reason is that they are not getting their diet properly. If proper amounts of silica are supplied to the body. Now silica is a muscle binding agent and binds muscles with bones which helps in our body movements.

Secondly, silica help bones to keep calcium trapped in the bones and thus increases bone density. Cucumbers are a source of Vitamin C which is really a great help for the production of collagen which in turn helps to keep bone structure in a proper shape. Magnesium present in cucumbers helps in the controlled and proper circulation of blood. This increases the proper supply of food to the bones making them healthy and prosperous even in old age.

Cucumber Manages Stress

Cucumber manages stress

The Cucumber manages the body to curb stress, it has a soothing effect on all body parts making them work effectively and for longer periods of time and age. Cucumber helps to manage extra stress which causes insomnia and due to this extra amount of pressure further complications arise like Cardiovascular problems, Tuberculosis, Diabetes, etc, and all these complications can lead to further complications. Cucumbers are loaded with amino acids called ‘tryptophans’. These enzymes control stress by releasing two hormones called ‘melatonin‘ and ‘serotonin‘. These two hormones act as a soothing agent for the human body making them feel relaxed and re-leaving nerves during stressful situations.

Secondly, these hormones force the body to fall sound asleep and wake up stressed less and full of energy. Alzheimer’s, and age-related memory loss can be treated by cucumbers. According to the latest researches done, cucumbers contain a special compound called Fisetin which helps to lower Alzheimer’s. According to research done on mice, mice that were fed with Fisetin showed lesser signs of Alzheimer’s and in some cases decreased signs. Feinstein found in many fruits and vegetables help to increase memory.

Cucumber Keeps Healthy Skin

Cucumber Keeps Skin Healthy

The Cucumber keeps skin healthy. They have a revitalizing effect on skin and they not only keep healthy skin young and healthy for a longer period but also improve the health of unhealthy skin. Cucumbers reverse any sun effects like tanning, sunburns, and de-colorization and give a refreshing look to the unhealthy skin giving it a glowing look. The skin releases all waste materials through sweat draining through pores which when left open can trap dust particles causing pimples, blackheads, etc. Cucumbers have a cooling effect on the skin and soothe pores closed. It moisturizes skin and removes any signs of aging and in most cases stops and reverses wrinkles and other signs of aging. Cucumbers remove dark circles around the eyes and give a refreshing to the dull, dark eyes. Silica along with other antioxidants present in cucumbers removes any dark circles and revitalizes the skin around the eyes.

Cucumber For Healthy Hair

Cucumber for Healthy Hair

Another best benefit from all the health benefits of cucumber is that it is very nourishing as far as hair is concerned. Cucumbers contain Vitamin A, C, and silica which together with each other grow healthy hair. Besides falling hair thinning hair is also a major problem faced by almost all men and women at some stage in their life. Cucumber has a soothing effect on the scalp because of its alkaline nature. Cucumbers have magnesium, potassium, sodium which offer great health to hair and scalp. Cucumber contains high traces of sodium, calcium, sulfur, sodium, potassium, and silica which are the building blocks of hair. Cucumber juice can also be used to wash and rinse hair and scalp making hair smooth, silky, and manageable. Another home remedy to improve hair is to ad sesame seed oil to your diet.

Cucumber Controls Weight

Cucumber Controls Weight

Nowadays due to ever-increasing tougher life schedules have less time for making and eating a proper diet and the intake of junk food has tremendously increased. This has given rise to a high obesity ratio in almost all developing countries. High cholesterol-bellied people are now trying hard to lose weight by eating less or eating fresh veggies and fruits leading them to intake less energetic food necessary to complete their essential body functions. Cucumbers contain high water content according to some estimates 90-95%, which in turn forces the stomach to be filled and less food is taken which brings a decline to the cholesterol level since they contain a low amount of calories. They will give a fuller effect when taken and make you feel less appetite to eat.

Cucumber Nutritional Facts

Reading above some health benefits of cucumber, now read some nutritional value facts of cucumber. Cucumbers are rich in dietary fibers, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, copper, water, vitamins which are highly beneficial for the production of red blood cells and strengthening of the immune system, eye health, cure of heart diseases, cell metabolism, and other health functions.

Following is a detailed account of an average-sized cucumber nutritional value:

  • Around 1.5 gms of dietary fibers are present which are highly beneficial for the digestive system, heart health.
  • Vitamin C is present in small amounts around 8.4 mg making 14% of recommended DV.
  • Other Vitamins like thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin b6 which are highly important for cell metabolism, red blood cell production, immune system health are also present in small quantities.
  • Vitamin A is present making around 24% of our recommended DV. It is beneficial for eye and heart health.
  • Calcium which is highly important for bone health makes 48gm or 5% of our DV.
  • Iron for the production of blood makes 4.68% of DV or 0.84 mg.
  • Magnesium and Phosphorus which both are highly good for brain health are also present in small quantities around 39mg or 10% and 72mg or 7% of DV respectively.
  • Copper makes around 6.17% or 0.123 mg of our DV.
  • Zinc makes around 0.6 mg or 4% of our DV.
  • Potassium makes around 13% or 442 mg of our DV.

The cucumbers initially originated in ancient India where numerous varieties were found growing in the wild which were later grown domestically and introduced to other civilizations. From India, it was introduced by Greeks to the modern world especially to Europe. Cucumbers have been growing since 3000 BC. Later in the 9th century, it was introduced to France, and to England and North America in 14th and 16th century respectively. English people initially rejected this crop but it was later reintroduced to the culture after 250 years. Cucumbers are even mentioned in Bible as a food of ancient Egyptians showing they’re being ancient enough to be listed among the most ancient food. Ancient Greeks grew cucumbers and their varieties were different from those grown in Africa and Italy.

Reading the above health benefits of cucumber and nutritional value of cucumber, it is recommended to add cucumber in your daily diet.

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