Health Benefits of Coconut and Nutritional Value

The importance of the coconut in human health can be measured by the fact that its water was used as the plasma transfusion in World War 2, as the blood supply was lesser. The composition of blood plasma is similar to the composition of coconut water. It is rich in vitamins, fiber, and minerals. Its unique feature is its usage in medicines due to its healing properties. Commonly, coconut oil is used for skin cracks, which makes it fresh, glowing, and healed. Health benefits of coconut consumption include weight management, heart health, hair health, skin health, lesser craving for sugar consumption, counter effect on viral diseases, good for HIV patients, etc. Following given are some of its health benefits in detail.

1- Coconut Keeps Hair Healthy

Coconut Keeps Hair Healthy

Coconut fruit and its oil are beneficial to heal Infections. It is thick and acts as a layer on the cracked parts of the body, protecting the cracks from external dust and microorganism that can cause infections into that cracks. Being safe from external factors, the healing process speeds up resulting in the healing of these cracks. In the same way, putting a layer on the hair, coconut oil locks the protein in the hair. Hairs nourish because of protein and vitamins provided from coconut oil. That’s why the use of coconut oil is beneficial for Infection healing and Hair health and can be used by females especially, as a natural remedy or medicine for their infections and hair.

2- Coconut for Weight Control

Coconut For Weight Control

Coconut contains a high percentage of fiber that is good for weight management. Fiber actually takes more space, filling up the stomach and reducing the desire to eat more. The inclusion of coconut in one’s diet can help to manage the weight by not asking someone to be on a hunger strike for reducing the weight. Apart from the fiber content, coconut contains small and medium fatty acids that help to lose excessive weight. It is good for thyroid functioning and reducing the load on the pancreas, it increases the metabolism of the body, breaking of fats to get more energy that helps to reduce the weight.

3- Coconut Oil for Skin

Coconut oil is the best moisturizer of the skin protecting it from dryness and cracks in the winter season. The miracle of coconut oil is, it delays the aging effects to appear. The best thing about coconut oil is it does not have any side effects on the skin it is used on. The above-stated benefits are the reason behind its usage in different beauty products such as lotions, hair oils, etc.

4- Coconut for Diabetics and Heart Health

Coconut for Diabetes and Heart Health

Usage of coconut oil instead of mineral oil can help to avoid the heart attack rate. It controls the cholesterol level in the blood that is good for blood flow, and for reducing the frequency of heart strokes in a heart patient. Usage of coconut in the food reduces the craving for the sugar intake that is a major cause of increased blood sugar level leading towards to increased diabetes issue. Another benefit of the consumption of coconut is it reduces the blood sugar level, maintaining it to a required level of the body.

5- Coconut Boosts Immunity

Consumption of coconut comes with various nutrients coming into the body that strengthens the immune system. It has antimicrobial lipids, lauric acid, capric acid, and caprylic acid that have antimicrobial, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial properties. The human body uses these factors to fight the viruses causing viral diseases such as influenza and even HIV. Coconut is not very famous among modern Americans but it is a very famous food among natives. A very popular product of the Asian countries is mostly consumed for its rich nutritional value.

Coconut Boosts Immunity

Nutritional Value of Coconut

Coconut is produced for its meat, water, oil which are being used for their number of nutritional content:

  • Saturated Fats in coconut makes 150% of our recommended DV
  • Potassium present in coconut makes 10% of our DV needs.
  • Dietary Fiber present in coconut makes 36% of our DV recommends.
  • Protein in coconut makes 6% of our DV needs.
  • Calcium makes 1% of our total daily body needs.
  • Vitamin C makes 5% of our total body daily needs.
  • Magnesium makes 8% of our total body needs.
  • Vitamin B6 makes 5% of our total body needs.

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