Health Benefits Of Carrot And Nutritional Value

The word carrot is a two-letter word, originally derived from Latin ‘carota’ and Indo- European root ker- meaning ‘horn’.Carrot is a root vegetable since it grows under the surface of the earth. Carrots are crispy when fresh and they are orange, red, purple, white in colors. The red and orange ones are widely used in ones around the world. These roots are the domestic version of the wild jungle Dacus Carota, the wild carrots.

Carrots are being cultivated from around 2000 – 3000 BC and according to the studies and evidence they originated from Iran and Afghanistan. They were transported by Moors in the 8th century to Europe and later in the 10th century to the Middle East and India, 14th century to China, 18th century to Japan. Since the Health Benefits of carrots are numerous so it is widely cultivated around the globe. China cultivates around 50 percent of the world’s total carrot production. 

Carrots Nutritional Value:

Carrot is a high-level nutritious vegetable that can be eaten raw as well as in dishes cooked with other vegetables and fruits. Its high level of nutritious value makes it a powerhouse for the human body. Detailed insight of carrot’s nutritious value is as follows:

  • Carrots contain hug amounts of Vitamins needed to perform various functions.
  • Vitamin A present in carrots is used to keep good eyesight. Carrot provides 210% of daily body needs. It also provides Vitamin C,6% of daily body requirement. Carrot provides Vitamin, 4% of our daily body requirement.
  • Carrots are also a good source of b-carotenes which when absorbed by the body are converted into Vitamin A. Carrots meet 77% our daily body requirement. Carrot get their color orange due to the presence of b-carotenes. Some traces of Vitamin K is also present in carrots.
  • Carrots also provide around 3gm of Insoluble Fibres which are used to maintain good digestive system and controlled sugar level.
  • Carrots are a source of around 1gm of Proteins to maintain body mass and active body.
  • Carrots also provide some minerals daily required to complete our daily needs. These trace metals are absorbed by the body to maintain healthy brain, liver, blood, neurotic functions:
  1. Calcium – 3%
  2. Sodium – 5%
  3. Phosphorus – 5%
  4. Magnesium – 3%
  5. Potassium – 7%
  6. Iron – 2%

Health Benefits of Carrots:

The Health Benefits of Carrots are numerous depending on their nutritional value. They are power hubs for the human body providing all kinds of minerals and vitamins used by the human body to maintain health and active body and mind.

1- Better Eyesight:

Carrot for Better Eyesight

According to some studies conducted it has been concluded that carrots providing Vitamin A have a great effect on eyesight. Carrots have b-carotenes in them which are used by the eye retina to maintain good focus and picturing of objects on the retina. People consuming food richer in Vitamin A have been found to show fewer signs of macular degeneration in which the density of the macula is decreased. In some studies, it has been confirmed that people consuming more carrots of Vitamin A have a lower risk of night blindness and people who are suffering from low night vision should increase Vitamin A intake to repair the damages. But most of the genetically transferred disorders cannot be treated by carrot or b-carotene intake for this balanced diet should be taken and proper medical procedure should be followed.

2- Healthy Skin:

Carrot for Healthy Skin

Carrots are rich in Vitamin C which are considered to be the building blocks of skin. Vitamin C along with other antioxidants has the ability to keep skin healthy and glowing. Due to their high healing power carrots can be eaten to cure scars, burns, wound signs, pimples, acne, and rashes. Besides that carrots are also known for their antiseptic effect on wounds by herbalists. Antioxidants, like Vitamin A present in carrots, react with free radicals to remove any aging signs like wrinkles. Collagen an important protein needed to keep skin elasticity is produced by the body using Vitamin C. B-carotenes present in carrots act as a natural sunblock for the skin, it repairs damaged tissues and increases defense against harsh sun rays. Besides this carrots also provide potassium which keeps skin hydrated and prevents it from getting dry.

3- For Healthy Hair:

Carrot for Healthy Hair

Carrots for a long time have been thought to help maintain healthy hair. Carrots loaded with Vitamin A help the body to grow healthy, shiny, and thick hair. These are loaded with necessary vitamins to maintain long, healthy, thick black hair for a longer period of time. Vitamin C and E present in carrots after being absorbed in the blood help it to circulate in the scalp making more blood available for hair to become more shinny, thick and healthier. The b-carotene in carrot absorbed in blood will help scalp to produce its natural oil called sebum which in turn will moisturize scalp and increase blood flow to the scalp acting as a catalyst for hair growth.

4.       Lower Cancer Risk:

Carrot for Cancer Therapy

Carrots contain a compound called polyacetylene which is known to protect carrot under the ground against diseases and fungus. According to the recent studies conducted by scientists at Newcastle University, these compounds are present in veggetables related to carrot family. These studies have proved that polyacetylene have cured patients suffering from different cancers after some changes in diet. Now some tests are underway to determine how much carrot intake is necessary to cure cancer. Recent studies conducted in China confirmed that carrots have positive effects on prostate cancer. Carrots contain some compounds like falcarinol and falcarindol which are thought to protect against lung, breast and colon cancers.

5- Prevents Stroke:

Cancer Prevents Stroke

A recent study conducted by Harward University scientists, concluded that carrot has a life saving effect on stroke patients. It has been confirmed by this study that people who ate a carrot daily reduced there brains being stroked 68 percent less than people who ate less carrots. Another study revealed that people who ate more than five carrots daily have less chances to suffer stroke than people who ate less than five carrots. Carrots loaded with b-carotenes effects brain in a positive manner and raise their chances of survival. When brain doesn’t gets enough oxygen to perform its functions so it is stroked. B-carotenes present in carrots reduce cholesterol levels in blood making it available for brain.

6- Prevents Heart Diseases:

Cancer for Heart Health

Vitamin A present in carrots and B-carotenes converted into Vitamin A by intestine is used by immune system to put up defenses against viruses. Antioxidants present in carrots prevents free radicals to do any harm to cells, tissues and it also dissolves cholesterol present in arteries due to which heart has to work harder to pump blood to the ends. It has been proved by recent studies that people taking food high in b-carotenes have high defenses against heart diseases. The soluble fibres present in carrots bind with bile acids to burn cholesterol bringing their level down in blood. Antioxidants and polyacetylenes along with alpha carotene and lutein present in carrots provide a protective shieild to heart against bad cholesterols, oxidative cell damage, plaque formation due to old age.

7- Healthy Teeth and Gums

Carrot for Healthy Teeth and Gums

Carrots are highly beneficial for teeth and gums in a way that when taken raw, it acts just like a brush. Cavities present between the teeth are cleaned due to the chewing of the crispy carrots. Beside cleaning, carrots also keeps gum in exercising mode making them strong and stops their bleeding. Minerals present in carrots are very helpful in cleaning the germs, if carrot is eaten right after meals. Minerals present in the carrots stimulate the saliva glands, thus increasing the production of saliva which cleanse mouth killing all the acid and decay forming bacteria while increasing the digesting process.

8- Healthy Pregnancy:

Carrot for Healthy Pregnancy

Carrots are highly beneficial during pregnancy both for mother and the fetus. Vitamin A present in carrots is very useful for development of tissues in fetus. B-carotene maintains good vision in mother and develops good vision in fetus. Vitamin C present in carrots is absorbed by the body to produce collagen which is then utilized by mother’s body to produce skin, bones of the newborn baby. Women with higher level of fats can control their weight since carrot contain high quantity of fibers. Taking carrots regularly during pregnancy will reduce chances of joindas in newborns.

9- Natural Cleanser

Carrot for Natural Cleanser

Carrots are a natural body cleanser due to the presence of Vitamin A. It flushes out any toxin materials from liver which in turn filters out toxin materials and other waste materials from the body. Fibers present in carrots also help to remove bowels from the digestive system while fibers are also good for a healthy digestive system. Carrot also works as a miracle maker for kidney cleaning, people who are suffering from kidney disorder should give a try to carrots.

10. Improve Digestion:

Carrots are very good for digestive system. It stimulates digestive system right after mouth starts chewing crispy carrots. Increase in saliva production helps to soften and decomposition of food from which minerals are absorbed in intestine. Carrots if taken in  the morning regularly for a week or more are very useful in worm removal from the body. Carrots have some traces of minerals like sodium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and sulphur which makes a protective coating on the walls of the intestine improving stomach functions and any signs of diarrhea and inflamation. Since it forms a protective coating around the walls in stomach and intestine which protects the whole digestive system from number of ailments like colitis, peptic It also controls the unchecked bacterial production in children and thus removing any vomiting signs.

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