Health Benefits of Banana and Nutritional Value

Before we jump to the Health Benefits of Banana and their Nutritional Value, let’s discuss their origin. Banana was originated in South Asia, mainly in India. They were brought west by Arab conquerors in 327 B.C. In 1834 the mass production of bananas was started and late 1880’s it started exploding. According to the experts, it is the first human cultivated fruit. Banana is the 4th largest crop, worldwide with India being the #1 banana producer in the world. A medium banana has about 100 calories while a small one has about 80 which makes people avoid it.

The banana plant is one of the largest herbaceous plants. The entire stalk is known as a bunch. It takes at least a year for the fruit to ripen enough to be harvested. Some banana trees can reproduce themselves up to one 100 years, although most banana plants renew their stock every ten to twenty-five years. After producing fruit the original stem dies, but to produce a new plant to be harvested some side-shoots rise from the same underground corm. In Latin, the Caribbean, and Asian cultures the banana leaves were also used. They used them to wrap the steamed foods. There are over four hundred varieties of bananas with the yellow Cavendish being the most favored in America. According to the annual average, Americans consume 25 pounds of bananas per person.

Health Benefits of Banana

Health Benefits of Bananas and Nutritional Value of Banana and Nutritional Value has been listed below:

1- Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure is considered a silent killer as it slowly eats away your interior and when it is discovered it’s already too late to cure. It greatly affects the eyes, brains, kidneys, heart, and arteries. Sodium is a mineral and the main cause of blood pressure in a way that it burns fluid in the body causing blood pressure or hypertension. Banana provides a huge amount of potassium-400 gm to be exact, it stops the body from intake sodium and fluid burning and ultimately lowers blood pressure.

2- Asthma

Asthma is a breathing allergic disease. It blocks or narrows the airways making it over-active to different kinds of irritating bacteria or dust. Bananas have a high fiber content which prevents asthma from developing right from the beginning. According to research children who ate one banana a day have 34 percent fewer chances of asthma patients. A study revealed that less ripe bananas have latex content which can trigger asthma symptoms. The best option to be completely asthma proof is to eat bananas right from childhood.

3- Cancer

Cancer is the abnormal cells that are produced due to a no of reasons. Bananas are eaten when overripe produce TNF (a protein that controls cell functions) destroys cancer cells by pumping water in them and bursting them open from water pressure. Bananas help to destroy free radicals, the main cause of producing cancer cells thus stopping cancer in its early stage. Overripe bananas have the ability to produce at least 8 percent more white blood cells thus increasing the immune system against cancer.

4- Skin and Teeth

Banana For Skin And Teeth Care

Banana is a natural skin moisturizer. Rich in potassium if eaten or applied directly on the skin it removes dry skin. Bananas are rich in Zinc and Lectin that remove bacteria causing acne and pimples. Bananas contain vitamins A, B, E making them helpful for removing age lines on the face and other aging effects and neutralizing free radicals. Amino acids another nutrient present in bananas helps to keep face skin fresh and fluffy. Bananas keep skin glowing. Banana peel is very useful in cracked feet heels. So stop buying expensive skin. care creams and include bananas in your diet. Teeth that are yellow due to any reason can be turned to white just by rubbing banana peel from inside to the yellow teeth and results could be surprising.

5- Eyes

Eyes are a vital organ of the body, crippled from legs or arms is tough though manageable but without eyes, nothing seems important if you can’t see. Bananas provide an adequate amount of Vitamin A which keeps the eyes healthy. Alpha-carotene and beta-carotene available in bananas which later are converted to Vitamin A play an important role in night vision and normal eyesight. Bananas provide at least 80-90 percent of Vitamin A humans need.

6- Hair

Bananas as we discussed earlier that it contains very useful nutrients like vitamins, natural oils, fluids, potassium, and carbohydrates. Vitamin E and A present in bananas keep hair healthy, shiny, and increase mass. Banana keeps the natural elasticity of hair that lessens the breakage of hair. Banana moisturizes hair as it is composed of 75% water. Bananas are hence agents to boost hair repair.

7- Quitting Smoking

Bananas have proved helpful in quitting smoking according to the latest research. When smokers are in the process of quitting smoking they feel drained of energy, bananas as they are full of energy meet this demand by providing an adequate amount of vitamins and glucose, fructose, sucrose. whenever a smoker feels a drop in nicotine level and is depressed eat a banana or two. Bananas contain fiber which is very essential for bowel movements in the intestine, due to years of smoking huge amounts of waste materials have stacked themselves all around the walls of the intestine bananas help the body to get rid of them easily.

8- Heart

Our daily potassium requirement is around 4500 mg, and banana is a good source of it that provides around 300-30 mg of potassium with an average size. Potassium is an important factor to keep the heartbeat in order by keeping electricity pulses in order. It also helps to keep the heart and all body muscles like the stomach, intestines, kidneys, etc. healthy and in smoothly working condition. Besides potassium bananas are fiber-rich which helps to coup with “LDL” which is bad cholesterol and thus ultimately controlling blood pressure which is harmful to the brain, kidneys as well.

9- Brain

Potassium is considered as a fuel for muscle functions, the more muscles are used the more potassium is required. The brain burns potassium while performing its regular functions. Besides this potassium also helps to keep electric pulses normal thus helping the brain function regularly. Banana helps to relax muscles and persuade the body to sleep, normal sleep helps the brain to focus and body full of energy.

10- Sex

Banana for Healthy Sex

Banana seeds in the core are rich in zinc and Vitamin E which are very essential for men’s sex life. It relaxes brain muscles, imposes body to sleep, and de-stresses body which is very important to have an enjoyable sexual life. Banana revitalize the body and energizes the production of sperms. Bananas are also rich in bromelain and B-Vitamins which are very essential for a healthy and long-lasting sexual drive. Banana regulates oxygen flow throughout the body and besides increasing energy to the body, it also increases libido through bromelain.

Health Benefits of Banana and Nutritional Value is an eye-opener article that forces people to ad it to their daily life.

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