Health Benefits Of Apple And Nutritional Value of Apple

Health Benefits of Apple and Nutritional Value of Apple have been proved by laboratory research. Apple is the promaceous fruit of the apple tree and Malus domestica of Rosacea family. The tree originated in Central Asia and for thousands of years ago they have been cultivated in Asia and European countries. Later it was brought to North America by Europeans. It is the most widely cultivated tree whose ancestors called Malus sieversii can still be found in Central Asia. Apple has been grafted and organically produced to increase its cultivation and obtain some other medical benefits. Apple production around the world is 69 million tons and china is producing around 6 percent of the total production.

Following are the Health Benefits of Apple and Nutritional Value of Apple:

1- Lower Risk of Diabetes:

Apple Lower Diabetes Risk

Apples are undoubtedly good for diabetes because they contain soluble fibers beneficial for Diabetics. Apple contains pectins which control sugar from being released in the bloodstream, unchecked. This pectin helps diabetes patients to coup their sugar levels since they are anti-inflammatory in nature. Daily fiber requirement is around 25 to 35 grams and an average-sized apple can provide around 5% of it. People who take an apple a day have 25% fewer chances of developing Type 2 Diabetes.

2- Lower Risk of Breast Cancer:

Apple Lowers Breast Cancer

According to the latest studies conducted it has been proved that an apple a day keeps breast cancer away. Phytochemicals present in almost all vegetables and fruits have proven the ability to lower the risks of cancer. All fruits and vegetables have antioxidants and anticancer abilities to control cancer cell growth. A study conducted over mineral supplements revealed that unnatural mineral supplements are no match to natural food. Fruits and vegetables contain a balanced combination of all minerals carbs and vitamins. Studies conducted over rats revealed that apple peels contain compounds responsible to shrink the sizes of tumors and cancer cells. Red apples contain more antioxidants and phytochemicals than other kinds to control cancer cells. Read Inflammatory Breast Cancer for further knowledge of Breast Cancer

3- Controls Cholesterol:

Apple Controls Cholesterol

Statins cholesterol taken around the world to control cholesterol levels in the blood have been found to be replaceable by apples. Apples have been found to have the same effect as statins as they have been found to lower cholesterol levels. Some people also take this drug as a precautionary measure to remain safe from cardiac diseases.  A study at Oxford University found that death rates caused by cholesterols could be controlled and reduction could be the same as in statins. Another study conducted at Florida University concluded that after six months of apple usage body had a 23% drop in bad cholesterol and 4% increase in good cholesterol. Researchers also found out that apples having pectins, polyphenols, and fiber, if taken regularly could greatly benefit in the high-level dropping of cholesterol levels.

4- Lower Risk of Strokes:

Apples are considered to be lifesavers for stroke patients. In a recent study conducted it has been found that fruits containing white flesh contain phytochemicals that are very effective in fighting against strokes. A phytochemical-rich fruit and vegetables can be judged by the color of their flesh. It has also been found in the initial studies of this research that people taking white flesh fruits like apple sand pears have approximately 52% lower risk of strokes. Another study revealed that a gradual increase of 25 grams in white fruits and vegetables lowers the risk of stroke by 9%, but since this study is too early to be adopted and patients to be asked to change their diet plans.

5- Healthy Skin:

Apple for Healthy Skin

Apples are very beneficial to maintain healthy skin or to improve the health of damaged skin. Apples are rich in Vitamin C which is further converted by the body into collagen – a protein used by the amateur skin cells to grow and to keep water from being evaporated. Vitamin C deficiency causes dry skin and old wounds to burst open due to dryness. An average-sized apple meets 10- 14 percent of our daily Vitamin C requirement.  

Melanin an important building block of tissues forming hair and eyes is produced by the body using copper, and apples are rich in copper providing 7% of our daily copper requirement.  An average size apple provides approx. 4 – 5% of our daily Vitamin A need which helps to strengthen up defenses against skin cancer. The collagen present in apples helps to keep skin bright and fair complexion. Apple hydrates the skin making it younger and wrinkle-free thus keeping it young and ageless. Apple is also useful in acne problems and pimpled skin can be cured if your intake of apples is good.

6- Healthy Digestive System and Weight Control:

Apples have a lot to offer as far as the digestive system is concerned. They have the ability to lower the risk of constipation if consumed with skin on. Apples contain insoluble fibers which have the ability to block water making stools soft and easily removable from the body. Insoluble fibers are also present in apples which have the ability to form a gel-like layer absorbing water and developing a feeling of full stomach forcing to eat lesser thus besides improving digestive system efficiency it also helps to control weight by controlling food intake. According to a study our body requires atleast 21-30 grams of fiber for men and women and apple provides around 10% of our daily fiber requirement.

7- Healthy Hair:

Apple is abundant in minerals good for hair maintenance, growing, shiny, fuller hair. Apples have biotin in abundance which are considered to act as a catalyst for hairs to grow. Biotin infuses energy into hair and revitalizes its growth. Apples also contain procyanidin B-2 which is a well-known compound used for stimulating hair growth along with their health and density putting a full stop to the thinning hair. They have the ability to increase the number of hair levels by strengthening them from the stem to the tip. Apples help to improve the circulation of blood to the scalp thus curing scalp disorders like dandruff.

8- Apple Removes Gallbladder Stones:

Apples are very helpful to remove gallbladder stones. Gallbladder stones are stones formed by high levels of cholesterol intake and when these extra amounts are blocked in gallbladders they become stones of yellowish-green in color. These stones are mostly present in fat people which can be removed from the body either by surgery or by some other natural ways. Symptoms of gallbladder stones are severe in the back under the right shoulder or abdomen. Apples containing fibers in abundant help to control cholesterol levels in the blood by absorbing LDLs.

Health Benefits of Apple and Nutritional Value of Apple is a useful article to help you guide to make your life healthier by adding apples to your diet.

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