Health Benefits Of Almonds

The Health Benefits of Almonds and the nutritional value of almonds are immense since they are packed with vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. These nutrients are beneficial for heart and brain health, teeth and skin and hair health, prevention from cancer and boosts the immune system, along with their fight against diabetes. Almonds though they are available throughout the year fresh almond fruit is available right after severe summer. Though almonds are available in many forms like natural and salted the taste of natural almonds is unforgettable. Some of the health benefits of almonds include almond benefits for the brain, almond benefits for men, almond for weight loss, almond for skin, almond for cancer, almond for the immune system. Following are some health benefits of almonds listed:

1-  Immune System:

Almonds for Immune System

The body is vulnerable to many viral and bacterial attacks so nature has provided the human body with many defense systems which prove to be the first lines of defense for human bodies, without these lines it was impossible for human life to sustain. Almond is rich in immune system boosting Vitamin E. It not only boosts the immune system but also helps to safeguard other Vitamins against reacting with oxidants. Vitamin E reacts with free radicals in the bloodstream and neutralizes their effect.  Almonds are known to have alkaline nutrients which greatly increase the abilities of the immune system helping the body to fight against diseases. It has been clinically confirmed that Vitamin E regular intake decreases around 35% chances of heart diseases.

2-  Anti-Cancer:

Almonds are Anti Cancer

Almonds are known to oil up the colon lining inside the colon, thus increasing the efficiency of waste material movement inside the colon and decreasing chances of any build-up which in turn reduces the chances of colon cancer, this claim has widely been supported by clinical study and research done by National Cancer Center. In the 70s bitter almonds were thought to be a cure for cancer and until now this concept is supported in some regions of Mexico and some states of the USA. A component present in almonds known as Laetrile or Vitamin B 17 is widely known as a cure for many cancer types in many parts of the world. Laetrile has been synthetically developed and named Amygdalin which has been proved to block the blood flow to cancer tumors.

3-  Brain Health:

Almonds for Brain

Adding almonds to your diet makes your brain strong and gives you a long remembering memory. But for this brain needs proper vitamins and protein that can help him to work properly and almonds attain all of these components that a brain required for its proper functioning. Almond decreases the level of enzymes which become the cause of acetylcholine breakdown. It is a neurotransmitter that helps in increasing the feeling of attention and awareness. It is said to be very good for those people who have a memory loss problem as it increases brain activity by encouraging the brain with numerous brains nutrients. Almonds have two crucial nutrients that are very essential for the brain namely riboflavin and L-carnitine, in studies both of these nutrients have shown tremendous results by increasing brain activity.

4-  Inflammation:

Almonds for Inflammation

As we all know that inflammation is very harmful to our health especially for the heart as it also increases the cause of atherosclerosis. In case to rid of inflammation almond is said to be a great anti-inflammation agent as it consists of various nutrient that helps to fight against inflammation and many other diseases.

It’s a common perception that fats are bad for our health but that’s not true, according to the studies some type of fatty acids are essential for our health and that is not produced naturally by our body. In order to get these certain fatty acids, we need to apply those foods that got this type of content. And Almonds consist of two types of fatty acids like linoleic and linolenic acids. Both of these acids help to reduce inflammation and they do so by reducing the level of LDL cholesterol which is said to be bad for health. Magnesium in almonds also helps to reduce inflammation by producing DNA and protein.

5-  Heart Health:

Almond for Heart Health

A healthy heart is very essential for all of us and to make it healthy and safe from numerous dangerous diseases like a heart attack, almond is a full package of nutrients. Almond consists of mono-unsaturated fats protein and potassium and these entire components of almond are very beneficial for heart health. Powerful anti-oxidant like vitamin E in almonds reduces the risk of heart problems. Usually, LDL cholesterol becomes the cause of heart disease and to overcome this disease monounsaturated fats in almond helps to fight against them. Protein and fiber in almonds help to reduce the level of all kinds of blood vessels related to the LDL fractions. So by controlling the level of LDL cholesterol the risk of heart attack also reduces.

6-  Weight Loss:

Almond Controls Weight

Almond is one of the best foods for delivering energy without any type of side effect. It contains some fatty acid which helps in reducing weight and also satisfies the appetite, reduces the level of cholesterol. This is a perfect snack that can curb your appetite while providing you with positive energy, and healthy fats.

Almond is a great source of vitamins, calcium, vitamin E, and fiber. All these properties of almonds make it a good source of energy promoting weight loss. They also contain phytosterol and unsaturated fatty acids which help in lowering down the level of bad cholesterol. The fiber in it also prevents from gaining extra weight and keep full for a longer time. Eating raw, toasted is a good option for having good health benefits. Besides almonds water can also help to lose weight, read Drinking Water Burn Calories for more information.

7-  Skin Care:

Almonds for Skin Care

This small dry fruit contains numerous vitamins, proteins, and a very powerful anti-oxidant. Almond is said to be very good for the skin as it contains vitamins and anti-oxidant. Almond oil is very good for the skin as it protects skin from sunburn and UV rays. Vitamin E in almonds is a very powerful agent for the skin. It prevents the cells from getting damaged from harmful rays and pollution. It also hydrates the skin and makes it soft and clean.

8-  Diabetes:

Almonds for Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease in which blood sugar or blood glucose levels are not controlled. Glucose is essential for us because we get energy from it that is present in our blood but glucose in excessive quantity is harmful to our health. Almond is a natural cure for controlling the level of diabetes. It is found to be very effective on serum lipids, they decrease the level of surges in glucose and it is done due to decreasing the rate of insulin secretion and fat oxidation stress. Almond maintains the absorption of glucose and doesn’t let them increase while making the whole process easy and smooth. You have read Health Benefits of Almonds, now below are some of the Nutritional Value of Almonds:

Nutritional Value of Almonds

The nutritional value of Almonds is undeniable since it is packed with minerals, vitamins, fiber, many trace metals, LDL cholesterols, proteins, etc. This nutty nutritional hub is loaded with minerals like zinc, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, etc. There is also a bunch of calcium for bone health. A small trace of folic acid is also present in the almond nut. A high concentration of Vitamin E is present which is an antioxidant that protects cell decomposition. Almonds are rich in Vitamin B2 to produce red blood cells and break down carbs for the production of energy.

Following is the detailed account of the Nutritional breakdown of 100 gm almond serving:

  • Calcium is present around 26% of our daily requirement
  • Iron from almonds meet around 29% of our daily requirement§  Zinc from almond meets 32% of our daily requirement.
  •  Almond Potassium meets 15% of our recommended DV.
  • Phosphorous meets 69% of our daily requirements.
  • Vitamin E meets 175% of our DV recommended.
  • 12.2 gm of valuable fibers is present in almonds.
  • Fats present in almonds is around 49 g.

Taking into account all the nutritional value of almonds, one can easily judge that the health benefits of almonds are immense. They are available in almost all parts of the world at cheaper as well high rates.

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