Health Benefit of Raisins and Nutritional Value

Health Benefits of Raisins and Nutritional Value of Raisins is immense. Raisins are an important member of the dry fruit family and they are produced by drying different types of grapes like black, green in particular. Equally famous among all age groups, they are used in many sweet dishes and desserts all around the world. Famous among all, The Health Benefit of Raisins and nutritional Value are numerous including constipation prevention, sexual dysfunction treatment, fever, eye health, bone health, and many more.

Health Benefit of Raisins and Nutritional Value are listed below:

1- Raisins for Weight Gain:

Raisins for Weight Gain

Don’t take raisin easy because of its small size; in fact, it is the most powerful food that promotes various health benefits. Raisin is said to be very good for those people who want to gain weight. It supports positive energy that is not harmful to health instead it gives strength to the body. Good for an athletic person as it reduces the level of unhealthy cholesterol and makes them fast and efficient. It is a power hub because it contains many vitamins, amino acids, and minerals like selenium and phosphorus that assist immersion of many other nutrients and proteins in the body. So anyone who wants to gain weight should add raisins to their diet as it is rich in healthy cholesterol. Fiber-rich raisins are very helpful to keep the digestive system active essential for the absorption of nutrients.

2- Raisins for Constipation:

Raisins For Constipation

Usually, constipation occurs due to a low intake of fiber. In order to overcome this problem, fiber-rich raisin is a good option and maintains the proper regularity of bowel movement. Consuming raisins aids regular digestion. All these helpful properties that raisin contains make him a natural cure for constipation. Plus the tartaric component in raisins also helps in getting rid of digestive problems by supporting colon health.

3- Raisins for Bone Health:

Raisins for Healthy Bones

You see, raisins help your body to absorb calcium and other crucial nutrients that promote healthy bones. Bones are a very essential part of the body that needs to work properly. Raisin is one of the superlative dry fruits for bone health. Raisins contain a good source of calcium which is a very crucial key for bone health. Calcium is said to be the core element of our bones, plus they also contain Boron, a micronutrient.

A micronutrient is very important for the body to be consumed on daily basis as compared to other nutrients. Boron work is to absorb calcium according to the needs and it is also very significant for proper bone formation. Boron basically prevents osteoporosis tempted by menopause in women and has also shown good results for bones and joints. Potassium is another component in raisins that gives strength to the bones. It encourages proper bone growth which then reduces the chances of bones problem like osteoporosis.

4- Raisins for Cancer:

Raisins For Cancer

Raisin is a very powerful dry fruit that contains anti-oxidant, as it protects the cells from oxidate damage. Anti-oxidants protect the cell from damage and don’t let them change into cells causing cancer and heart attack. Due to this property of raisin, it is said to be a very good anti-cancer agent. Raisin contains catechins in excessive quantity which is a very effective antioxidant against cancer. This antioxidant kills the fatal free radicals which roam inside the body and spread destruction by destroying the cells and bringing harm to the organic system. Their duty is to stop the effect of free radicals and stop them to spread all over the body and if someone is already suffering from cancer then it reduces the effect of cancer.

5- Raisins for Teeth:

Raisins FOr Teeth

Raisin is also very good for teeth because of its Oleanolic acid property contained in it. Oleanolic acid is a phytochemical which is very important for teeth as it fights against tooth decay and prevents various problems like cavities and tooth brittleness. It also helps in stopping the formation of two injurious bacteria species namely Streptococcus Mutans and Porphyromonas gingivalis these both bacteria become the reason for tooth diseases like cavities and other dental problems. Additionally, it is also a good source of calcium which is also good for teeth health prevents teeth from getting peeled or breaking down. While eating raisin it gets stick inside your teeth but doesn’t worry about it because the longer it will stick to your teeth, the better it will increase the contact of Oleanolic acid, and more it will protect from bacterial growth which is also very good for teeth health.

6- Raisins For Sex:

Raisins for Healthy Sex

Raisins are known to have a positive impact on sex organs and sexual drive in men and women equally. They are rich in Vitamin A, B, selenium, Potassium, Iron, while some phytonutrients like arginine all are known as sexual impotency healers. Vitamin A is very important to maintain the vagina and uterus healthy as it keeps epithelial tissues healthy and deficiency of Vitamin A can cause impotency, while their rich availability helps in the production of progesterone which keeps the sexual reproductive system in order. Another component of raisins is arginine which is a known healer of libido disorders that not only improves sexual performance but has long been used to cure effectively erectile dysfunctions. A mineral called selenium is also present in raisins which highly improves the production of sperms not only it also increases sperm abilities to cause pregnancies.

Nutritional Value of Honey

Raisins are dried grapes containing mostly sugar – around 72% sugar keeping in view its weight and most of the sugar is glucose and fructose. Raisins have a small amount of approximately 4% – 7% of dietary fibers, proteins which are the building block of almost bodily functions are also present around 3%. Unlike fresh grapes, raisins have a low concentration of Vitamin C but the presence of cholesterol has not been detected. Raisins have also small traces of sodium present in them while noticeable amounts of antioxidants are available. Raisins also provide potassium a little lesser than recommended DV. Iron which is the main component for blood formation is also present in small quantities while calcium which is the foundation element for bone strength is also present in small quantities.

A detailed account of Nutritional components of 100 gm Raisin serving is given below:

  • Dietary fibers are 3.7 gm
  • Proteins are 3.07 gm present
  • 50 mg or 5% of recommended DV of Calcium is present.
  • Fluoride which is good for teeth is present in small quantity which is around 233.9 µg.
  • 9% and 14% of recommended DV of Magnesium and Manganese is present.
  • Sodium is present in small quantity around 1% of recommended  DV.
  • Vitamin C,E,K are present in small quantities making 3%, 1%, 3% of DV.

Health benefit of Raisins and Nutritional Value of Raisins make it a power hub that can be added to become a superman.

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