Foods To Avoid For Low Sperm Count

Man’s ability to reproduce is decreasing day by day and they have no idea what is hurting them the most. People go for the general elements which are causing low sperm count, like tight underwear, smoking, radioactivity. But there are some foods that are creating a tsunami in men’s fertility, increasing infertility at an alarming rate. According to a physicist, most of his patients have no idea that their diet is hurting their manhood. We have listed down some of the Foods To Avoid Low Sperm Count and motility:

1- Alcohol:

You drink you kill – sperm. People doing regular boozing should reconsider since alcohol has a great impact over sperm count and motility. According to a sophisticated dutch study, drinking a bottle of wine weekly might result in the drop of sperm quality. Alcohol causes arteries to shrink at an alarming rate which results in low testosterone levels and hence increased Botox fats and formation of men’s boobs.

2- Soda Drinks: 

A study was conducted on the impact of carbonated drinks on manhood. It was found that a group of people taking soda drinks regularly on daily basis showed lesser and weaker sperm. This study revealed that lean men showed greater signs of low sperm motility due to high soda consumption. It is due to the fact that high sugar intake causes high rate of insulin production which ultimately leads to its resistance by host body.

3- Processed Meat:

According to a study conducted over the impact of processed meat over men swimmer, it was found that men who took more processed meat like hamburgers, salami, bologna, bacon etc have lesser active sperms than men who took natural meat like fish, beaf, goat meat, camel meat etc. They discovered that men taking more fish had higher levels of testosterone levels than the other group taking hormonized meat.  
There are other food also which greatly effects the sperm motility and count in men are non-organic food, full dairy products etc, but besides all this, we should stress over taking natural, non-pesticided, unhomonized food.


In conclusion, a diet that includes these food choices can help a man with a low sperm count. The first thing a man with a low sperm count should do is to review his diet. The above list of Foods To Avoid For Low Sperm Count should be avoided and healthy life style and healthy food should be adapted to keep your wife happy and lead a prosperous married life. Here is a list of Fruits to Increase Sperm Count for your reading.

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