Dash Diet: Blood Pressure Diet Plan

DASH is an abbreviated format of Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. It’s a diet plan based purely on natural ingredients like fruits and vegetables. Dash Diet: Blood Pressure Diet Plan, is designed with the aim to provide the human body with necessary nutrients naturally.

High blood pressure and cholesterol are two major factors for heart diseases. High Blood Pressure has affected more than a billion people and the toll is counting. Studies confirmed that within weeks, Dash Diet can lower high blood pressure. These diet plans have also provenly brought down high cholesterol levels. Dash Diet Plans require no special items but it gives guidelines on how to eat fruits, vegetables, natural grains. It restricts sugary drinks, saturated fats, and natural oils.

Health Benefits of Dash Diet Plan:

Some studies were conducted by comparing typical diet plans and Dash Diet Plans. All these studies proved Dash Diet Plans to be the best, resulting in the drop of high blood pressure and controlled cholesterol levels. Dash Diet Plans revolves around the aim to reduce sodium intake. Studies were conducted over a group of people who were provided with the American diet and dash diet. The group on dash diet and physical exercise showed lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure. The group on the American diet showed hiked blood pressure due to increased cholesterol levels.

1- Controls Blood Pressure:

Dash diet is based on natural ingredients, due to which nutrients present in fruits and vegetables help to control blood pressure. All these nutrients help to keep blood at normal density, blood vessels at normal stiffness, strong heart muscles. People on the Dash diet experienced a drop in blood pressure irrespective of their weight loss or controlled salt intake. But greater benefits were reaped when lesser amounts of salt were taken.

2- Weight Loss:

Natural Ingredients present in Dash Diet Plan helps to stop the accumulation of cholesterol in blood vessels and on other body parts. Since all these natural ingredients are cholesterol-free so the end result would be lesser body weight and a more active mind and body.

3- Cancer Prevention:

In some recent studies conducted over the effects of the dah diet on the human body, it has been revealed that the dash diet stops some cancers. These studies were conducted over the group of people who were given fruits and vegetables on regular basis. The end results were astonishing and found that breast cancer patients showed signs of resistance against the disease.

Dash Diet Meat Plans

Here we have listed some sample diet plans for your reference. Before making these diet plans for yourselves, do keep in mind three things:

  • Keep sodium intake less than 1500mg
  • Ad food rich in calcium, proteins, vitamins etc
  • Lesser quantities of fats and carbohydrates.

Food CategoryDaily Servings
Grains 6-8
Meat (Chicken, Fish, Beef, Mutton) upto 6
Fats, Oils2-3
Dash Diet Plan Daily

Food CategoryDaily Servings
Sweetsupto 5
Peas, Nuts, Dry beans, Seeds
Dash Diet Plan Weekly

Reading the above article Dash Diet: Blood pressure Diet Plan, one can be easily convinced that the dash diet could be one of the best options to reduce weight and control high blood pressure.

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